Helpful Documents for Students

Dear Students,

We have organized some resources that will help you as you go forward with you career in emergency medicine. We hope this is helpful; please contact us for any questions, comments, and suggestions.


Helpful year-by-year graphic to help plan out your EM student career.

Author: CORD EM Student Advising Task Force
Alexis Pelletier-Bui, MD; Michael Yip, MD; Sean Ochsenbein

The interview day is one of the biggest factors that emergency medicine PDs look at when ranking applicants. Although knowing this fact can make it seem like a stressful experience, the interview day is really just your time to shine! A little insight into the interview process and preparation techniques will to allow you to maximize your time.

Author: Richard Herold, MS4

Author: Alexander A. Simakov, MPH FP-C MSIV, Medical Student Council, International Ex Officio Representative

This is a guide for medical students interested in applying for Emergency Medicine residency. It serves as an initial resource for planning your fourth year and moves through the application process. Please supplement it with personalized advising from an academic EM advisor.

January 2016 - Student Advising Task Force
Cassandra Zhuang, Xiao C. Zhang, MD MS; Kevin Hu, MD; Sameer Desai, MD; Jamie Hess, MD; David Tillman, MD; Lucienne Lutfy-Clayton, MD

Frequently Asked Questions of the EM Applicant with Sample Answers

January 2016 - Student Advisory Task Force
Emily Hillman, MD; Laurie Thibodeau, MD; Lucienne Lutfy-Clayton, MD


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