VP Council

The AAEM/RSA Vice President’s Council was created by AAEM/RSA to increase our outreach to EM residency programs to better serve our members.

We are actively recruiting an RSA resident member from each EM residency program to serve as their representative to the Council.

Duties will include:

  1. Assisting in scheduling a residency visit from a national AAEM officer.
  2. Providing educational materials to their residents.
  3. Informing residents of upcoming national and regional AAEM events.
  4. Providing contact information of their residents who wish to be placed on AAEM's mailing list and a specific chief resident contact.
  5. Coordinating activities with medical school EM interest group leaders.
  6. Communicating with AAEM/RSA about how we can help you or your fellow residents.
  7. Designating a resident who will take your place as the VP Council Representative when you will graduate or decide to transfer your position to a new junior resident.


Once your nomination has been confirmed, you will receive notification. An in-person meeting of the VP Council will be held at the 23rd Annual Scientific Assembly in Orlando, FL, March 16-20, 2017; however, travel expenses will not be reimbursed.

If you have any questions, please contact info@aaemrsa.org.

Thank you,
AAEM/RSA Vice President