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Resident Candidate Statements

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Ashely AlkerHaig Antablian, MD

Candidate for President
Nominated by Moiz Qureshi, MD, AAEM/RSA President and Ashely Alker, MD MSc, AAEM/RSA Immediate Past President
Residency Program: UCLA – Olive View

Nomination Statement: I am so excited to nominate Haig for a position as President for RSA. Over the last three years, we've worked together on a multitude of RSA projects. When he first joined the RSA, he produced top notch voiced-over video presentations for topics on due process, board certification, and non-opioid treatments for pain in the ED. His drive to help advance the RSA initiatives quickly led him to become Co-Vice Chair of the Advocacy Committee, just a year after joining, followed by Board Liaison for Advocacy on the RSA board. Over the last two years, he's organized HPEM (Health Policy in Emergency Medicine), AAEM’s largest lobbying effort in Washington DC, worked on due process issues in EM, formed educational materials for newly graduating EM residents regarding contract negotiations, worked on a social media campaign to advance information on topics involving the prudent layperson, CMGs running residency programs, and other important topics, and is currently working on introducing a submission form for residents to gain advice on advocacy issues in their own programs. Haig would be an ideal candidate for the RSA presidency. Seeing his work ethic and leadership skills, I am confident he will bring the RSA to new heights, and am very excited to nominate him for President of RSA.

Candidate Statement: Since joining AAEM/RSA three years ago, I've learned so much about the vast number of policies and topics surrounding our incredible specialty. I've worked hard, alongside the amazing leaders within our RSA board, and outside it, to help provide mechanisms to better educate our fellow EM physicians, residents, and students.

When I first joined RSA, as Member of the Advocacy Committee, I produced presentations on topics from "Due Process" to "Board Certification" to "Non-Opioid Treatments for Pain in the ED". A year later, as Co-Vice Chair, I led my team in creating a guide for contract negotiations for graduating residents, spread knowledge on due process rights, and organized Health Policy in Emergency Medicine (HPEM), AAEM’s largest lobbying effort in Washington DC, where EM physicians, residents, and students discuss hot-button issues in EM with legislators on Capitol Hill.

Over this last year, as a Member-At-Large of the RSA Board, I’ve been so fortunate to work alongside such a motivated group of residents and students, tackling a variety of advocacy issues including the rise of Contract Management Groups running residency programs, the dismantling of the Prudent Layperson Standard by insurance companies, and the rise of midlevel providers’ push toward “physician-equivalency”. Currently, our committee is creating a submission site for residents to submit their own advocacy issues for us, at the RSA, to help with.

Overall, my time working with the RSA has been amazing. Being involved in some of the most important issues that affect us has only motivated me to keep pushing forward and fighting the good fight. With all I’ve learned during my time here, and with the help of all those around me, I strive to bring more to the RSA, and would love your nomination to make me President of this incredible organization.

Thank you so much for considering me for this position.

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Michael HightCrystal Bae, MD

Candidate for Vice President
Nominated by Megan Healy, MD FAAEM, AAEM At-Large Board Member and Jessica Fujimoto, MD, AAEM/RSA Vice President
Residency Program: Temple University Hospital

Nomination Statement: Crystal Bae would make a fantastic Vice President for the RSA Board of Directors. As both a Temple resident and RSA Board Member this year, she is well versed in the history and values of AAEM and RSA. She has been a productive member of the RSA Board, working tirelessly to increase outreach internationally by increasing funding for international scholarships and developing a contact database to promote international resident mentorship. In addition to her work this past year on the RSA board, she has extensive experience in national and international service and leadership as an undergraduate student and medical student. As an intern for the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM), she planned international conferences and developed emergency societies in Botswana and Rwanda. She also worked as the production editor for the African Journal of Emergency Medicine. Crystal has the experience and leadership skills to make an excellent RSA Vice President for this upcoming term.

Candidate Statement: My name is Crystal Bae and I am a PGY-2 at Temple University Hospital. Thank you to Drs. Megan Healy and Jessica Fujimoto for the nomination for RSA Vice President. I have had the privilege of serving as the International Committee Board liaison and excited to potentially serve as part of the executive committee this coming year.

As an At-Large Board Member, I assisted in reaching out to international medical students and residents as well as increasing funding scholarships. I also continued to develop a contact database to promote international resident mentorship.

If elected, I will continue to uphold the values and vision of AAEM and RSA and do my best in representing our organization nationwide and internationally. Thank you for your consideration!   

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Michael WilkGabriel Stahl, MD

Candidate for Vice President
Nominated by Moiz Qureshi, MD, AAEM/RSA President and Haig Antablian, MD, AAEM/RSA At-Large Board Member
Residency Program: Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center

Nomination Statement: I am so excited to nominate Gabriel for the RSA board of directors. I've worked with Gabe for the last two years while on the advocacy committee and have only great things to say about him. Gabe's work ethic is superb; he will always meet deadlines, always over-perform what is expected, and he constantly brings new ideas to the table. While working with him on the advocacy committee, Gabe has tackled many topics including CMGs running residency programs, tools for graduating residents on what to look for in contracts, due process issues in the EM, and the attempt to deny prudent layperson standards by insurance companies. Gabe would be the ideal board member at large, especially for the advocacy committee. His sincere yet strong passion and his incredible efficiency with projects addressing rising issues in emergency medicine do not go unnoticed. It would be a privilege for RSA to see his continued growth in our organization.

Candidate Statement: As a 3rd year medical student I attended the first annual RSA Northeast Medical Student Symposium. Dr. Farcy introduced the audience to AAEM/RSA and discussed the importance of the history of EM as written by Dr. Keaney in The Rape of Emergency Medicine. I read the book cover to cover that night. Since attending the symposium, I have made it a point to support AAEM/RSA as a member, representative, and advocate for the values at the heart of the organization. After serving on the membership committee and working as a student ambassador at the 2017 Scientific Assembly, I found my way to the AAEM/RSA Advocacy Committee first as a committee member, and now as a co-chair.

During my time with the Advocacy Committee, we have worked to bring essential issues affecting the future of EM to the forefront of RSA. Specifically, we have developed educational content for Due Process, Prudent Layperson Laws, Lay Corporations Running Residency Programs, and post-residency contracts. Additionally, the committee plays a vital role in assisting in planning the AAEM & AAEM/RSA Health Policy Symposium & Advocacy Day. As the co-chair, I'm intimately involved in all aspects of the committee, including the creation of content and spearheading new projects. I'm passionate in my role as an EM advocate and if elected, I will continue to fight for the EM community across the country.

To see a sample of some of the projects we have been working on over the last two years, please visit the AAEM/RSA Advocacy Site

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Allen ChangJoshua Novy, MBA

Candidate for Secretary/Treasurer
Nominated by Michael T Dalley, DO FAAEM, FLAAEM At-Large Board Member
Residency Program: Pending Match 2019

Nomination Statement: It gives me great pleasure to Nominate Joshua Elliott Novy to the AAEM/RSA board either as Secretary Treasurer or at Large BOD position. I am currently the EM program director at Mount Sinai Hospital Miami Beach. Joshua and I have worked closely on the BOD of the FL chapter of AAEM. He has proven to be a driven, independent worker who has innovative ideas. As the Med Student representative on the Florida board Josh has:

  • Created State-wide committee of EMIG med student leaders
  • Doubled student membership for FLAAEM
  • Currently sits as the AAEM/RSA med student council vice president
  • Member of the AAEM/RSA education committee
  • Member of AAEM operations committee
  • Presented research at FLAAEM scientific at FLAAEM SA 2018, AAEM 2018

Candidate Statement: I was first introduced to AAEM during my junior year of medical school, and instantly recognized the importance of the mission this organization serves. Promptly, I joined the RSA Representative Council and soon thereafter, the education committee, the Board of Directors for our Florida Chapter Division, and most recently have had the privilege to serve as Vice President for the Medical Student Council. In these capacities I’ve helped bolster the RSA podcast series, I have advocated for student representation in other State & Regional Chapter Divisions, and I’ve helped the Florida chapter grow its student membership and launch new opportunities for medical students in Florida to become involved with AAEM, to advance our mission of being an accessible and collaborative organization. I have personally benefited from the advisement and guidance from members of the AAEM B.O.D. as well as our own RSA B.O.D., and as I prepare to enter The Match and continue my training in residency, I want to pay this forward and continue working to make AAEM/RSA great and advocate for medical students, my (future) resident peers, and the profession at large. At this time, I do not have any specific plans, proposals or new initiatives I intend to launch, but rather, if elected, I will pay my due diligence to learn more about how this board is structured and poised to accomplish its goals, so I can better design new opportunities that can be implemented within the framework of RSA and without creating a burden to our organization’s resources. I submit for your consideration this platform as I run for either the position of Secretary-Treasurer or an At-Large Board position. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy and platform. A vote for me, is a vote for growth!

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John Ryan ColvinVictor Cisneros, MD

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Nominated by Megan Osborn, MD MHPE
Residency Program: UC Irvine

Nomination Statement: Victor Cisneros is an absolutely outstanding candidate for the AAEM/RSA At-Large Board Member position. He is specifically interested in leading the Advocacy or Diversion and Inclusion Committee. He has substantial experience and interest in these two areas. Within our own community, Victor has been actively involved in the starting a food insecurity screening and referral tool. As a medical student, he earned his MPH and was inducted into the Gold Humanism Honors Society. Dr. Cisneros details his experience in his candidate statement and I wish to express my full support of his candidacy. He is an outstanding clinician and leader and our whole residency program endorses his candidacy.

Candidate Statement: My name is Victor Cisneros, I am a PGY-2 at the University of California, Irvine (UC Irvine) and I am running for the position of At-Large Board Member with specific interest in the Advocacy Committee and Diversity & Inclusion Committee. During medical school, I completed a MD-MPH dual degree as part of the Program in Medical Education for the Latino Community (PRIME-LC) with emphasis on the social determinants of health, and policy. During this time, I was exposed to our state legislative process, personally attending meetings at the California state capital, and understanding the impact we can make as physicians. More recently, I have used my public health background to team up with the Orange County Healthcare department, and Waste Not OC organization to initiate a food insecurity screening and referral tool in the Emergency Department (ED) at UC Irvine Health. Our goal is to minimize hunger in Orange County and potentially address some of the social determinants our county faces. Every person in the ED at UC Irvine that screens positive for food insecurity receives a referral to a local food dispensary which are being supplied by donations from our local businesses. We are creating a green ecosystem in which food that is normally thrown away by restaurants and businesses is now recycled to those in need, many of which come through our EDs. I have been a member of AAEM/RSA for several years now, and I have enjoyed the benefits both a student and now resident, so it is honor to have been nominated and possibly serve as a representative on the RSA board. I truly believe my interest, passion and drive will be a great addition to these committees.

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Lauren FalvoAdriana Coleska, MD

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Residency Program: University of Chicago

Candidate Statement: My name is Adriana Coleska and I am a PGY2 at the University of Chicago. I am applying to become a RSA at-large board member with the hope that I can act as the liaison to the Advocacy committee. My involvement in RSA began as a member of this committee where I worked on a project geared towards shedding light on the dangers of recent insurance company policies that threaten the Prudent Layperson Standard.

I furthered my involvement in AAEM as a board member of the Great Lakes chapter of AAEM (GLAAEM). As such, I am currently working on establishing a partnership between the medical student section and GLAAEM. Our purpose is to reach out to medical students and help spur their passion for emergency medicine through a panel or educational workshop during the Midwest Medical Student Symposium.

My interest in becoming the Advocacy Committee liaison stems from my long standing passion for policy. My interest began in college through my political science degree, and I continued to foster it through my time working in a think tank in Washington D.C. During this internship I attended congressional hearings and panels at the time of the Affordable Care Act rollout. It was through this experience that I realized the sparsity of physician advocacy in health policy. With this in mind, I continued my involvement in policy-making and while in medical school I functioned as the president of the American Medical Association chapter at the University of Michigan Medical School as well as a national delegate representing the student section in the House of Delegates.

If elected, I will bring my previous leadership and policy experience to the RSA board. I would be honored to spread the RSA mission of educating, inspiring, and bringing together emergency medicine trainees.

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Justin FuehrerMaureen Davis, MD

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Residency Program: Advocate Christ Medical Center

Candidate Statement: Being on the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors would allow me to make a difference in our community of Emergency Medicine. I am passionate about medical education and am constantly looking for ways to improve our education and get involved. I am interested in a career in academic emergency medicine. I have served as our Assistant Resident Leader of Medical Education over this past year and I have enjoyed this role that allows me to enhance student learning and get involved with the education process for my residency. I would be honored to be a voice for my region and for residents in this organization.

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Jessica FujimotoRyan DesCamp

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Nominated by Lauren Falvo, MD, AAEM/RSA At-Large Board Member
Residency Program: Pending Match 2019

Nomination Statement: I have had the pleasure of working with Ryan over the past two years-- first as Chair to his Vice Chair for the RSA Wellness Committee, then as his Board Liaison as he continued the Vice Chair role. Ryan's commitment to RSA and its mission is both admirable and inspiring. Although he is still a medical student, heavily involved in local committees and acing his clinical rotations, never once have I seen Ryan appear flustered or shy away from a new endeavor. He gracefully balances his medical school responsibilities and leadership roles, while still attending every meeting and function with a huge smile and a can-do attitude. On the Wellness Committee, he has formed new partnerships with other resilience programs, such as Take5, where he worked to personalize mental health resources to emergency physicians. He has enhanced relationships with other medical student/residency associations, such as SAEM's RAMS. Ryan single-handedly advocated for increased wellness/resilience presence at RSA's medical student symposiums and continues to serve as a champion for the well-being of our often overlooked members of emergency medicine's future.

Beyond his committee accomplishments, Ryan is also one of the hardest-working people I know. He is incredibly sensitive and considerate to needs of our committee members and has a penchant for supporting and encouraging participation. He is a natural communicator. He practices pro-active, rather than reactive leadership. I have no doubt that Ryan will be an exceptional leader in emergency medicine on a national level, both during residency and throughout his career, if he so wishes. I could not recommend anyone else more highly for Wellness Liaison within RSA’s Board of Directors, and I appreciate the opportunity to highlight such an exceptional colleague. Thank you, and please feel free to contact me with any additional questions.

Candidate Statement: Resident and medical student wellness has been a passion of mine since I began medical school. Through my position as the Vice-Chair of the RSA Wellness Committee for the last two years, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of this committee and how it fits into AAEM/RSA as a whole. I have been inspired by the hard work of our members across the country and their commitment to improving Wellness at multiple levels of Emergency Medicine. I would be honored to continue this work as an At-Large Board Member on the AAEM/RSA board of directors. If elected, I would ensure transparency between RSA board and RSA committees to facilitate communication and support between both entities. Additionally, I would use my current knowledge of national Wellness initiatives to further RSA’s Wellness efforts and better support AAEM/RSA’s members from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

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Jennifer Rosenbaum, MD

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Nominated by Megan Healy, MD FAAEM, AAEM At-Large Board Member and Jessica Fujimoto, MD, AAEM/RSA Vice President
Residency Program: Temple University Hospital

Nomination Statement: Jenny Rosenbaum would be a valuable addition to the RSA Board of Directors. She has extensive service and leadership experiences from her time as an undergraduate and as a medical student. Notably, Jenny dedicated herself to the student-run Cooper Rowan Clinic for the underserved Camden community. She helped reform health care for this community by developing a Care Coordinator Program, which was shown to improve medical care in the pilot study that she designed. She was also a fierce medical student advocate, launching Diversity Council student initiatives and serving as AMWA Chapter Leader. These leadership experiences would make her an excellent board member, particularly as liaison to the Advocacy Committee. A current PGY1 resident at Temple University Hospital, Jenny is interested in the advocacy and educational mission of RSA. She is bright, enthusiastic, and has fresh ideas about how RSA can champion Emergency Medicine Residents across the country. It is with full confidence that I nominate her for the position of Board Member At-Large.

Candidate Statement: I am running for the AAEM/RSA position of Board Member At Large because I am passionate about the role of residents and students in future of Emergency Medicine. In particular, I am interested in working with the Advocacy or Diversity & Inclusion Committees. Throughout medical school I dedicated myself to working with and advocating for underserved communities. I reformed healthcare in my student run clinic by creating a care coordination program which connected under-resourced patients in Camden, NJ to social services. Our efforts were shown to improve medical care in a pilot study. I also passionately lead our chapter of the American Medical Women’s Association and helped launch student initiatives on our Diversity Council. As a current PGY1 resident at Temple University Hospital, I continue to remain interested in patient advocacy and am involved in projects aiming to connect patients to social services, community health partners, and follow-up from emergency care. I am enthusiastic about the role of residents and students in pioneering change in Emergency Medicine in patient advocacy and policy. I hope to have the opportunity to work on these passions with RSA.

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