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Resident Candidate Statements

2022-2023 AAEM/RSA Board of Directors Candidates



Lauren Lamparter, MS-IVLeah Colucci, MD

Candidate for President
Nominated By Lauren Lamparter, MD, AAEM/RSA President
Residency Program: Yale New Haven Hospital

Nominations Statement: Leah has been an incredible asset to AAEM/RSA in various leadership roles. Serving two terms as the medical student council Vice President, Leah provided innovative ideas and was a fierce advocate for medical students. This past year, however, has really allowed her to shine. As Chair of the membership committee, Leah has worked diligently to lead her team and help the messages of AAEM/RSA reach all EM residents. For the three years we worked together, I have directly witnessed Leah’s strong leadership skills and her commitment to and passion for advocacy. She is a true champion of the emergency medicine resident, medical student, and most importantly, our patients. She has great ideas and plans that will continue to strengthen and expand AAEM/RSA’s presence as the EM advocacy organization. I know she is the right choice to lead AAEM/RSA, and I could not be happier to nominate her for this role. Please join me in supporting Leah for President! - Dr. Lauren Lamparter

Candidate Statement: I have been involved in AAEM/RSA since my first year of medical school. 4 years ago, I attended the AAEM conference in San Diego and it was at that conference that I decided emergency medicine was the right specialty for me. I served as the Vice Chair of the Medical Student Council for two years and this year I served as RSA’s Membership and Awards chair. In these roles, I have learned the inner workings of AAEM/RSA and have developed ideas for future projects I would like to pursue if elected.

I am entirely dedicated to the field of emergency medicine and to me that involves protecting the future of our specialty and advocating for our current and future residents. If elected, I plan to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Aintablian and Dr. Lamparter who have both been vocal about the problems facing our specialty. I fiercely believe in physician led care and am against private equity. My goal is to empower EM residents and provide them resources to help them be a successful resident while advocating for themselves and their career. 

One project I am currently working on is to have an AAEM Resident Representative at all programs. This will help us have someone to work with EMIGs to reach medical students in their journey and have point people at each program to keep residents informed of current events in our specialty.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and give my platform a consideration. I hope I have your vote for the President of RSA.

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Ryan DesCamp, MD MPHCorey McNeilly, MD

Candidate for Vice President and At-Large Board Member
Nominated by Lauren Lamparter, MD, AAEM/RSA President and Ryan DesCamp, MD MPH, AAEM/RSA Vice President
Residency Program: University of Tennessee-Murfreesboro/Nashville

Nomination Statement(s): Dr. McNeilly has been a standout member of the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors this past year and I have been able to work very closely with him in our roles on the RSA Executive Committee, he as Secretary-Treasurer and I as Vice President. When working with Dr. McNeilly, his passion for the specialty of Emergency Medicine and the preservation of its future is immediately apparent. He truly is the embodiment of RSA’s vision, mission, and values, seeking to advocate for the rights of medical students and residents in everything that we do. One of Dr. McNeilly’s many stellar qualities is that he is unafraid to tackle tough topics in the world of Emergency Medicine today, specifically independent practice of non-physician practitioners and the deleterious effects of CMGs on both residency training and the specialty of EM as a whole. No matter what the topic or who the audience, he will always be the strongest advocate for residents and medical students, even if it is an unpopular opinion. He has already held several national leadership positions and the past year on the RSA Board of Directors has perfectly positioned Dr. McNeilly to continue being the voice of every resident and medical student as Vice President or Board Member of AAEM/RSA. It is for these many reasons that I nominate Dr. Corey McNeilly for Vice President or Board Member of AAEM/RSA. As current Vice President, I would be extremely confident to pass the reins to him and I know whole-heartedly that he can be the Vice President that every Emergency Medicine resident and every Emergency Medicine bound medical student needs and deserves. – Dr. Ryan DesCamp

Candidate Statement: Emergency Medicine faces significant challenges that will impact our future practice: mid-level encroachment, rapid expansion of residency programs, and increasing influence of contract management groups (CMGs). It remains vital that we advocate for our specialty’s future. For the past year I have had the opportunity to serve as the Secretary-Treasurer of AAEM/RSA and I hope to build on my successful experience as your next Vice President or board member of AAEM/RSA.

We need leaders that are passionate about protecting our specialty’s future. I believe wholeheartedly that emergency medicine is best conducted by an emergency medicine physician and midlevel encroachment will have catastrophic effects on our specialty and our patients. I believe that the rapid expansion of residency programs nationwide, largely by for-profit corporations, poses a major threat to residents’ future employment by oversaturating all job markets. I believe that the corporate influence and attack on standard democratic groups limits opportunities for residents seeking high-quality jobs.

Last year as the Secretary-Treasurer for AAEM/RSA, I learned how AAEM/RSA interfaces with its members as well as other organizations. I am committed to supporting AAEM/RSA's Vision, Mission, and Values and believe that it is critical that all residency organizations collaborate together to attack the challenges our specialty faces. During medical school, I served on the EMRA Board of Directors as the national chair of the EMRA Medical Student Council. As your Vice President or board member of AAEM/RSA, I plan on drawing upon my experience with the EMRA Board of Directors and my experience on the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors to increase collaboration amongst our residency organizations in order to create a stronger front to the challenges our specialty is facing.

As your representative on the Board of Directors, I will tackle these challenges head on and preserve the integrity of our specialty for all residents and medical students.

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Corey McNeillyLauren Rosenfeld, MSIV

Candidate for Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and At-Large Board Member
Medical School: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
Residency Program: Pending Match 2022

Candidate Statement: As a fourth-year medical student, I reflected on the most impactful moments in my education and my aspirations moving forward in this career. Emergency Medicine is a field that embraces cooperation, innovation, and diversity. I want to participate in councils and associations that help our students, residents, and physicians share their pitfalls and pearls as our EM family continues to pave a path for physicians in the future. My extensive experience as a former high school science teacher with Teach For America and my recent work in the needle exchange clinic at the University of Miami inspire me to combine my two passions for education and advocacy. Both interests have led me to investigate and appreciate the events and opportunities with the AAEM resident and student association. If given the opportunity, I will listen to learn and speak with an intention to motivate, advocate, and celebrate all the amazing work that is happening in our field.

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Leah ColucciAnantha Singarajah, OMSIV

Candidate for Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and At-Large Board Member
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University - DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Residency Program: Pending Match 2022.

Candidate Statement: I, Anantha Singarajah, would like to serve the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors in whatever capacity best deemed fit because I would like to continue to advocate for issues that will impact future physicians such as myself and my fellow classmates on a national level. As the current Medical Student Representative on the Board of Directors for the Tennessee Chapter Division of AAEM, I have a greater understanding of the demands faced by physicians here in Tennessee including adequate funding for graduate medical education and physician protection while navigating COVID-19. As a fourth-year medical student/rising intern, currently in the hospital setting on rotations, I recognize the need to protect both our patients – especially our vulnerable populations – as well as our physicians who are on the frontlines day in and day out. This past year and a half has also highlighted the need for connection and as someone who co-created and leads AAEM Women in EM's Osteopathic Mentorship Series, I want to continue to build a robust mentoring system for both medical students interested in Emergency Medicine and emergency medicine physicians at various stages of their careers. 

If selected to serve on the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors, I plan to not only use my platform to further mentorship opportunities for both students and residents alike, but increase AAEM's visibility throughout medical schools and residency programs to encourage enrollment and promote our mission to both inspire and inform residents and students. As someone who has gained so much through being a member of AAEM - opportunities, mentors, and networking, I believe that my unique perspective along with my previous leadership experience, skill set, and passion for emergency medicine makes me a well-suited candidate. It would be an honor to continue to serve on AAEM/RSA's Board of Directors. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Megan DanielsMatthew Carvey, MSIV

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Nominated by Alexandra Reed, DO, AAEM/RSA At-Large Board Member
Medical School: St. George’s University
Residency Program: Pending Match 2022

Nomination Statement(s): I am a current board member and serve as a liaison for the international committee. Matt is the chair of the international committee and has been a very effective leader. He has dedicated a significant amount of time and energy into the International Critical Care course which has required intentional delegation and planning between other medical students as well as attendings and has been no small feat! He has been very easy to communicate with, and very proactive with planning meetings. Matt is very passionate about Emergency Medicine as well as advocating for med students at international schools. I believe Matt has the energy and communications skills to be a great leader, and I would strongly recommend Matt as a board member. - Dr. Alexandra Reed

Candidate Statement: Emergency medicine (EM) has been at the core of my pursuit to support our patient population for almost 7 years. This curiosity led me to become both a flight and tactical paramedic, and ultimately during medical school through St. George’s University, Chair of RSA’s International Committee which stemmed from my interests in international health, education and advocating for international medical graduates (IMG’s) seeking EM residencies in the United States. This passion not only aligns with RSA’s mission statement, but also creates an opportunity to explore the vast differences IMG’s face both personally and professionally compared to their counterparts.

As RSA’s At-Large Board of Directors position for the International Committee, I will drive our current efforts we have developed within RSA’s International Committee forward, while preserving the ideas Dr. Alex Reed started as the International Committee Liaison into next year. I will additionally continue to expand RSA’s Introduction to Critical Care and Anesthesia course, led and created by medical students in RSA’s International Committee whose passion for innovation and teaching led to the development of this curriculum. I value the way RSA seeks to have all of its members’ thoughts heard, whether that be from an AMG, IMG or DO perspective, and I look forward to working with each RSA board member, resident and medical student to further strengthen RSA’s presence in EM.

After working with the RSA’s current International Committee Liaison, Dr. Alex Reed, I know the importance of the board’s initiatives. I look forward to empowering the voices of each member of the International Committee, understanding that many of the students and residents will bring a wide breadth of insight into the life of EM. As the At-Large Board Member, I will continue to strive to advocate for the mission of RSA, providing resources and opportunities that innovate, inspire and inform EM residents and students from both national and international perspectives.

Thank you for the consideration of your vote for me as RSA’s At-Large Board of Directors position for the International Committee.

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Jessica FujimotoKimberly Herard, MD

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Residency Program: Emory University

Candidate Statement: I hope to serve on the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors as an At-Large Board member in order to serve residents and join a group interested in the continued growth of emergency medicine. As an underrepresented minority in medicine, I have strived to open opportunities for students and residents who are also underrepresented. I have had the amazing opportunity to learn from great mentors and leaders in emergency medicine and have witnessed the significant changes that have occurred to help broaden, strengthen, and support resident education in emergency medicine. As emergency medicine continues to quickly change and incorporate the evolving communities we serve to harmoniously coincide with the robust advancements in medical knowledge, it is important that training adapts and supports EM residents nationwide. Furthermore, I would love to serve on the AAEM/RSA Board of directors in order to encourage continued cultural competency and awareness among its members. As a Haitian-American, my drive to pursue emergency medicine rested on my desire to help reduce health disparities and teach my patients who deal with medical mistrust, misinformation, or a limited fund knowledge due to lower socioeconomic status or health literacy. As a resident, I have strived to ameliorate these issues through my involvement in mentoring and teaching students, volunteer work in the community, writing bond letters to encourage release of people held in detention centers, and facilitation of goals to create national social EM curriculums. I have also tirelessly worked to offer mock interviews to students and mentor medical students through the ED while on shift. I believe that serving with AAEM will give me the opportunity to acquire new skills that will serve me well in my career aspirations in academics by embracing new learners and strengthening medical trust within the community through events and more collaboration with community leaders.

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Andrew Langille, DO

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Nominated by Corey McNeilly, MD, AAEM/RSA Secretary-Treasurer and Mark Reiter, MD MBA MAAEM FAAEM, AAEM-PG CEO
Residency Program: University of Tennessee Murfreesboro/Nashville

Nomination Statement: I enthusiastically nominate Andrew Langille to serve as AAEM/RSA At-Large Officer. As Andrew’s residency director, I have had the opportunity work closely with him and evaluate his character and skillset. Andrew is personable, hard-working, and has the highest integrity. His leadership, organizational, and communication skills are outstanding. He has been an effective leader in multiple officer roles within the ACOEP Resident Student Organization. Andrew truly believes in the AAEM mission and vision and wants to help AAEM succeed on behalf of its emergency physician members. Andrew has the unrelenting passion and drive to make a real difference. Andrew will make a great AAEM/RSA Board Member. Additionally, over the next few years, I expect to see Andrew become an important leader within AAEM. - Dr. Mark Reiter

I am honored to nominate Andrew Langille to the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors. Andrew has been a tireless advocate for Emergency Medicine residents and medical students for many years, having served in numerous leadership positions for the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians – Resident Student Organization (RSO). Andrew brings with him tremendous leadership experience and a fierce support of AAEM/RSA’s core mission and values. In his most recent role as the Vice President of RSO, Andrew represented all osteopathic residents and physicians on the AEROS (All Emergency Medicine Residents Organization and Students) Committee where he fought to help protect the integrity of our specialty and represented the interests of all future osteopathic physicians. Andrew has been a committed member of AAEM/RSA for many years and will be a tremendous asset to the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors, where he will bring the skills needed for our organization to continue being a leader amongst all Emergency Medicine organizations. In my experience with multiple Emergency Medicine organizations I have interacted with numerous leaders throughout our specialty and can say without question that Andrew is one of the strongest leaders we have in Emergency Medicine and he will make a huge impact in the future on our organization. Andrew cares deeply about the individual Emergency Medicine physician and the patients that we serve. His values and ideals align perfectly with those of AAEM/RSA and I could not be more excited to have such a strong leader join the Board of Directors. - Dr. Corey McNeilly

Candidate Statement: Thank you for considering my application to be a board member for the 2021-2022 year. I have served in many roles over the past 4 years in the ACOEP Resident Student Organization (RSO); starting as conference coordinator as a student followed by Secretary and Vice President of the RSO. I have gained expertise in running large-scale conferences successfully and developed as a leader among peers with managing committees representing the RSO at other national organization conferences. As part of AEROS (All Emergency Residents Organizations and Students),  the multi-organization committee which includes representatives of the RSA, I was able to collaborate with the leaders of all the major national organizations to pursue common interests and create solutions to issues that affect residents as students nationally. 

After maintaining leadership roles, I recognize the need for strong advocates, now more than ever in Emergency Medicine. Currently, there are multiple threats to our practice; midlevel encroachment, unchecked residency expansion, and corporate medical group monopolies. I have become familiarized with the current EM workforce issues, and I am actively working to present potential solutions in the form of a publication that is pending review. I would continue to be an active advocate against these threats as an RSA Board Member in an effort to protect our specialty.  

Through an organization with a mission consistent with my professional values, I know that I would serve my peers well in this role. My goal is to bring my experience with ACOEP/RSO to AAEM/RSA in order to continue to advocate for emergency medicine physicians. I appreciate your consideration of my nomination and I look forward to the opportunity to serve the emergency medicine community.

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David Leon, MD MS

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Residency Program: Johns Hopkins University

Candidate Statement: Advocacy is a flexible word, that can be interpreted many way. The term advocacy can be manipulated to address people's needs. Just like the term itself, I want to be an advocate, a tool to address people's needs, desires and goals, specifically the residents of the world of Emergency Medicine. As an at-large member of the board of directors, I hope to use that position to serve as a voice for not only my own EM program, but EM programs across the country, to ensure our educational needs, and just as importantly, our mental and physical wellbeing needs are appropriately met. As a member of the board, I will strive to pursue resolutions that will provide academic and wellness support, so that every resident has the best chance to thrive in their respective programs. Along this line, given my Latino heritage, I want to ensure equity amongst all EM residents, so that respect, treatment and support is universal for all residents regardless of heritage, race  or ethnicity. With the changing landscape of the US population, I want to make sure that our field reflects the patient population we serve. Overarching goals are: resident wellness, healthcare representation equity and balanced resident education. A board member position will provide me the perfect avenue to achieve these broad goals.

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Nahal Nikroo, MD

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Nominated by Lauren Lamparter, MD, AAEM/RSA President and Ryan DesCamp, MD MPH, AAEM/RSA Vice President
Residency Program: Nuvance Health/Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Nomination Statement: Nahal has been a wonderful addition to the RSA board this past term, and we would be lucky to have her for a second term. She is a fierce advocate for the wellness of emergency medicine residents. She worked closely with the wellness committee and lead an incredible twitter conversation to raise awareness for physician suicide day. She has bright ideas for future wellness initiatives, and our residents will be more supported because of her presence on the board. Please join me in voting for Nahal to be re-elected as a board member at large. – Dr. Lauren Lamparter

I have had the pleasure of working very closely with Dr. Nikroo over the last several years. She has worked tirelessly to advocate for and support every resident and medical student’s right to well being in training. Dr. Nikroo has served as both Wellness Committee Chairperson and most recently, as Board Member at Large and Liaison to the Wellness Committee. Her passion for resident and student wellness is evident in every interaction you have with her. Dr. Nikroo has been instrumental in RSA’s World Suicide Prevention Day twitter takeover, has helped develop and publicize National Physician Suicide Awareness Day, and implemented many Wellness activities for attendees at AAEM’s annual Scientific Assembly. She is passionate, diligent, fair, and an incredible leader in wellness on a national level. She has been an strong asset to both the RSA Board of Directors this past year and to the RSA Wellness Committee for several years. I am confident that Dr. Nikroo will continue her tireless work as an advocate for wellness at all levels of training. For these many reasons, I whole-heartedly support Dr. Nikroo’s nomination to the RSA Board of Directors 2022-2023. – Dr. Ryan DesCamp

Candidate Statement: It is an honor to be nominated and I am excited about the opportunity to continue my involvement on AAEM/RSA Board.

I have been a member of AAEM since 2016, when I joined the organization after becoming a Student Ambassador. I have had the pleasure to serve in multiple roles, including Wellness Committee Member, Wellness Committee Chairperson, and most recently, as the Board Member At-Large and Liaison to the Wellness Committee. Through these multiple roles and multiple years, I have had the opportunity to closely observe how AAEM/RSA interfaces with both its members as well as other organizations. I have continued to help partner with the Take 5 campaign to increase visibility and break stigma nationwide for World Suicide Prevention Day. I have led a nationwide “Twitter takeover” campaigns so as to increase preventive strategies, schedule preemptive education, and foster access to counseling and confidential mental health services for residents, attendings, and medical students. I have written proposals for different committee activities to be incorporated, AAEM Position Statements, and helped organized national and regional AAEM conferences. 

As such, I humbly request your vote for AAEM/RSA At-Large Board Member for the 2022-2023 academic year. I remain committed to supporting and encouraging AAEM/RSA’s Vision, Mission, and Values. After participating in the RSA board meetings this year and contributing to its ideas, I know the importance of the board’s teamwork and to continue our work in resiliency and breaking the stigma surrounding physician suicidality. I want to continue to advocate for the mission of RSA, to provide resources and opportunities that support the importance of wellness, resiliency, and advocacy of all emergency medicine residents and students. You matter: not only our Emergency Medicine Residents but also our many Student Doctors. 

Thank you for the consideration of your vote for me.

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Donna Okoli, MD

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Residency Program: Advocate Christ Medical Center

Candidate Statement: Emergency Medicine provides the time and space to be leaders who can create a culture shift in medicine. I firmly believe the matters of social justice should be foundational in how we teach and educate future physicians, rather than a niche interest of a select few. As I envision the future of medical education, and our healthcare system as a whole, I recognize how important a focus on equity and access will have on our path forward. We, as EM physicians, have the ability to be at the forefront of this change. This is evidenced in how we treat our patients, how we manage our departments, and how we leverage our involvement in medical education. My hope for my career is to combine my passion for justice, with the desire to be a leader in this cultural shift. 

I would like to serve on the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors as an At-Large Board Member. I want the opportunity to serve with other thought leaders in the medical education space and actualize the change I would like to see in medical education. Overall, my desire is to bridge leadership and advocacy, tackle disparities in underserved communities, create sustainable change, and develop the future leaders in healthcare.

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Kaitlin Parks, DO

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Nominated by Lauren Lamparter, MD, AAEM/RSA President and Jason Wagner, MD
Residency Program: Washington University

Nomination Statement: I am proud to nominate Dr. Kaitlin Parks to the AAEM/RSA Board. She has been actively involved with RSA since 2017 as a student ambassador, not only participating on committees but also contributing incredible resources for medical students in the forms of blog posts and a Medical Student Disaster Prep video. I know Dr. Parks will advocate for and support the needs of EM trainees. She will be a great asset to the Board. – Dr. Lauren Lamparter

I wholeheartedly nominate Dr. Kaitlin Parks for your AAEM/RSA At Large Board Member Position. Dr. Parks is an exceptional resident who goes above and beyond for her patients, peers, and our profession. I believe would be a true asset to the AAEM/RSA board. Her focus and commitment to resident advocacy is demonstrated through her participation as a Medical Branch Member of Barnes-Jewish Hospital Incident Command where she took an elective opportunity her intern year, representing both Emergency Medicine and Residents/Fellows while providing updates in clear language that cut through the noise of the many COVID updates. She continued this beyond her elective time while fulfilling her many duties as a resident purely due to a desire to serve. On shift she is a passionate patient advocate and continues to care for our patients beyond her immediate contact with them. When the department had a shortage of pelvic exam equipment she wrote a letter to ED leadership about the importance of proper equipment to support patient dignity during an often uncomfortable exam resulting in new stretchers delivered shortly thereafter. Kaitlin takes her energies beyond the residency and ED as demonstrated by her enthusiasm with pre-med and medical students on shift where she teaches with compassion recognizing the stresses of our job that often become routine to us. She also is noted to guide junior residents with respect, allowing for their autonomy while keeping patient safety a priority. Her dedication to education is extended through her lectures at conferences, leading simulation and procedure labs, and piloting education content for a new substance use rotation through our Toxicology division. Despite these additional responsibilities, she consistently follows through on her commitments and communicates clearly. These are but a few highlights of Dr. Kaitlin Parks' incredible investment in our specialty, thus I excitedly nominate her without reservation to serve as your AAEM/RSA Board Member at Large. – Dr. Jason Wagner

Candidate Statement: I would be honored to be selected as a board member at-large to the AAEM/RSA board. I have been active in AAEM since medical school-- first as a student ambassador and then elected as the Midwest Regional Representative. I remained involved through the Social Media and Publication Committee and then elected as the EMS Section Resident Representative and last year presented as a Breve-Dulce resident speaker. My commitment to AAEM arises from my commitment to our shared values demonstrated through my work. I have mentored medical students through reviewing personal statements, providing interview feedback and practice sessions and webinars hosted through AAEM. As the only house staff on the medical branch for our hospital-wide COVID response I brought the resident’s concerns and perspective directly to hospital leadership. I helped draft a letter to leadership regarding equitable access to covid-19 vaccinations for residents and improving ED conditions impacting patient care. I have also advocated for appropriate pumping locations on off-service rotations for lactating residents. With my background including published opinion/reflective articles on Elsevier, and my time creating social media content and peer-reviewing I can bring my abilities in writing and editing to help serve our mission through position statements and educational content. From experience organizing large events for medical students, and community service including Boy Scouts and Days for Girls I can help offer relevant sessions for residents and students alike at our next Scientific Assembly. I am passionate about working together to improve our field to benefit our patients, trainees, and support professional longevity.

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Heather Renfro, MD

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Nominated by Ryan DesCamp, MD MPH, AAEM/RSA Vice President
Residency Program: University of Chicago

Nomination Statement: I have had the pleasure of working closely with Dr. Renfro over the last year and a half as her co-resident. She is a strong leader amongst her cohort and is well known as an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Dr. Renfro is the President of University of Chicago’s Housestaff Diversity committee which seeks to make the University an inclusive, welcoming space for every resident, where diversity is celebrated on a daily basis. She is also heavily involved in community outreach, specifically increasing Chicago high school students' exposure to different career paths in healthcare. Dr. Renfro has the energy, the commitment, and the passion to be an outstanding addition to the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors for the 2022-2023 academic year. I am confident that she will work tirelessly to be an advocate for every resident and medical student across the country. For these reasons, I proudly nominate Dr. Renfro for AAEM/RSA Board Member at Large. - Dr. Ryan DesCamp

Candidate Statement: As an active leader in my community, it is my personal mission to effect change on a national scale. I believe I am a strong candidate for the board of directors of RSA because I possess the qualities that the organization values. I am a passionate mentor that constantly strives to increase diversity and equity in the healthcare field, as seen in my volunteer work and various pipeline projects. I am currently the president of our residency wide Housestaff Diversity Committee, and I am a Community Champion Scholar. Through these avenues, I have had the opportunity to directly promote resident wellness, educate the underserved, and increase healthcare exposure to the young minds. While I have been fortunate to advocate for the residents at the University of Chicago through these channels, it is my desire to advocate for residents at large. There are many changes that are occurring in the field of Emergency Medicine that directly impact physicians, trainees, and students. I am confident that my unique perspective as a Black, female physician, in addition to my many years of leadership experience, will bring forth innovative ways to address these issues.

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Loren Touma, DO

Candidate for At-Large Board Member
Nominated by Lauren Lamparter, AAEM/RSA President, and Cara Kanter, MD, YPS-AAEM Chair
Residency Program: Jefferson Northeast

Nomination Statement: Loren has been an incredible asset to the AAEM/RSA board through her term this year. She is a natural leader who is dedicated to education and advocacy for emergency medicine residents. She represented the education committee to the RSA board and helped the committee both at AAEM21 and in planning for AAEM22. She has brought new ideas and innovation to the board, and we would be lucky to have her serve another term! Please join me in supporting Loren for board member at large. – Dr. Lauren Lamparter

I am thrilled to nominate Dr. Loren Touma for a second term as At-Large Board Member. I have known Dr. Touma for the past three years since she started as an intern with the Jefferson Northeast EM Residency. Her professional interests include healthcare policy, health equity, medical education and resident wellness. Throughout medical school and now in residency, Dr. Touma has held a number of leadership positions with different local and national organizations, from student government to the National Osteopathic Political Honor Society, where she advocates for her fellow students and residents on matters of health equity, student loan forgiveness, patient care, and physician wellness. In her first year on the RSA board, Dr. Touma excelled in her position as Liaison to the Education Committee, working hard to plan the RSA Track and RSA competitions for Scientific Assembly, and traveling to St. Louis to present the RSA awards at this year's SA. I would love for her to have the opportunity to continue her work on the RSA board as she builds momentum on these and other projects. – Dr. Cara Kanter

Candidate Statement: As a nominee for the position of an At-Large board member, it is important to have the necessary qualifications to execute and fulfill the responsibilities of that role. The past year I have served as an At-Large board member having attended every meeting, remained vigilantly involved, and stepped into the role of education liaison. I am currently in the process of putting together the American Academy of Emergency Medicine Resident & Student Association (AAEM/RSA) track at scientific assembly. I hope to continue my role as education liaison to seamlessly transition into the upcoming year and create a bigger and better RSA track.

I am currently finishing a 2-year leadership position as the resident representative on Pennsylvania American College of Emergency Physicians (PACEP) advocating at the local and national level, creating resolutions regarding health equity, advocating on behalf of residents, patient care, and physician wellness. Previous to my AAEM and PACEP roles I had significant leadership experience through my role as president and chapter founder of the Gold Humanism Honor Society and as the president of the Student Government Association (SGA) during medical school. As SGA president, I facilitated communication between students and faculty and administration, in addition to attending 6 national meetings where I worked hand in hand with other Student leaders of schools across the US to discuss topics of medical education, leadership, community service, mental health, and academia

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