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Student Candidate Statements

2022-2023 AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council Candidate Statements



Mary Unanyan

Candidate for Chair
Nominated by Lauren Lamparter, MD, AAEM/RSA President
Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences School of Osteopathic Medicine
of the Pacific

Nomination Statement: Mary is an exceptional student leader and I’m proud to nominate her for the position of Chair of the AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council. Mary has contributed over the last year as Vice Chair of the Advocacy Committee, writing position statements and assisting with coordinating the work of the committee. Mary has also been an active participant in our Health Policy in EM symposium. I know that Mary will bring strong leadership to the Medical Student Council, and it is my pleasure to endorse her candidacy. - Dr. Lauren Lamparter

Candidate Statement: I first discovered my passion for Emergency Medicine (EM) by working as a scribe in the emergency department. I was constantly inspired by the physicians’ breadth of knowledge as well as their passion to care for every patient. EM doctors must quickly build rapport with patients, critically evaluate their presentation, and work collaboratively with staff to give quality medical care. This communication and teamwork are one of my favorite aspects of EM and one of the reasons why I was inspired to connect with AAEM. This organization has been instrumental in my growth towards becoming a physician who is active and well-versed with critical issues in EM. For that I am grateful and would like to pay it forward by serving as AAEM/RSA Student Council President. 

As current Vice Chair of AAEM/RSA Advocacy Committee, I have supported my peers in pursuing projects they are passionate about. I have facilitated group discussions and collaboration toward achieving shared goals in various topics, ranging from mental health to the corporatization of healthcare. Additionally, I have attended multiple legislative conferences, both at the state and national levels, and actively lobbied to protect the practice of medicine and the safety of patients. As your President, I hope to continue to be an advocate for not only the core issues in EM but also for the members of this organization who so passionately work towards bettering the field of EM. I want to build on initiatives that increase student involvement and provide opportunities for education and career development. Ultimately, I want to push forward the mission of AAEM/RSA and “provide resources and opportunities that educate, inspire, and inform emergency medicine residents and students.” I humbly ask for the honor and privilege to serve as your President. Thank you for your consideration.

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Clara Pavesi-Krieger

Candidate for Vice Chair and Midwest Regional Representative
Nominated by Ashley Iannantone, AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council Chair
and Rob Canning, Jr., JD, AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council Midwest Regional Representative

Medical School: Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

Nomination Statement: I have had the pleasure of both working closely alongside Clara in planning this year's AAEM/RSA Midwest Medical Student Symposium as well as admiring her work from afar this past year as she served at the president of Loyola's Emergency Medicine Interest Group. She is a remarkable leader and has led her EMIG board in putting on an array of events to exposure her peers to the potential of a career in Emergency Medicine. Her passion about the specialty is infectious, and she has the organizational and leadership skills necessary to turn ideas into plans and actions that would undoubtedly serve her well in a role on the MSC board. It is my honor to nominate her for this position. - Ashley Iannantone

I could not imagine a more qualified candidate for the position of Vice Chair or Midwest Regional Rep to the AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council than Ms. Clara Pavesi-Krieger. She is dedicated, hard-working, a consensus builder, warm, empathetic, and capable. All qualities that would serve her well in the role of Vice Chair.During my time as a board member of the Loyola Stritch EMIG, I came to work with and get to know Ms. Pavesi-Krieger. As a member of the group, she regularly attended events and contributed to the discussion, even as a first-year in the presence of attendings and peers. She subsequently became the group’s president, demonstrating her commitment to the field of emergency medicine and a strong motivation to promote the specialty to her classmates. Later on, in my role of AAEM/RSA MSC Midwest Rep., Ms. Pavesi-Krieger worked closely with the Council to organize the Midwest Medical Student Symposium, volunteering for the role and going above and beyond what was expected to create an outstanding result. I have no double that Ms. Pavesi-Krieger would continue these efforts to promote and advocate on behalf of medical students as a member of the Council I heartily endorse Ms. Pavesi-Krieger for Vice Chair or Midwest Regional Representative! – Rob Canning

Candidate Statement: Before starting medical school, I explored different fields of medicine by working as an MA in OB-GYN and Peds, and I always found myself going back to EM. During my first year of medical school, I was elected President of the EMIG and I was able to turn my passion for EM into concrete projects. During the year, I have been coordinating numerous opportunities to connect my peers with the world of EM, including shadowing, clinical skill workshops, research, and journal clubs. I also collaborated with the former EMIG President and Midwest Regional Representative, Rob Canning, to start an Ambulance Ride-Along Program at Loyola. In addition, it was an honor to collaborate with Ashley Iannantone, the current AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council Chair, to put together the past AAEM/RSA Midwest Medical Student Symposium. 

As Midwest Regional Representative or Vice Chair, I hope to continue creating stimulating opportunities for residents and medical students interested in EM. In addition, my experience coming to the U.S. by myself, and the hurdles I faced as a foreigner opened my eyes to the existing health inequalities in the US. This motivates me to advocate and encourage minorities and disadvantaged students to be part of the EM community by equalizing access to information and fostering inclusion.

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Vincent LongShannon McDonnell

Candidate for Midwest Regional Representative
Self Nomination
Medical School: Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

Candidate Statement: My excitement for emergency medicine started as a young girl when my mother, an ER and flight nurse, would share her captivating stories from her day caring for patients in their most vulnerable moments. As a freshman in college, I decided to pursue my interest further and became an EMT on campus. I then landed a job working as a patient care tech at a level one trauma center, and I am now in my fifth year of working there. Working beside a great team, the ability to help so many patients in one shift, and the excitement of the moments where we are able to save a life, are what have kept me passionate after all these years. In addition to my work experience, I also have extensive leadership experience. I currently serve as VP of our school’s EMIG, serve as president of a mentorship group, and throughout undergrad served on many boards including our on-campus EMS board. As a board member of AAEM/RSA, I would be able to share my passion for EM and use my experience in the field and leadership experience to advocate for students and advocate for a strong future for the field of EM. I am excited to continue to learn about the field and I am open to any board position that is appropriate.

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Chibuzo N. Opara

Candidate for Northeast Regional Representative
Nominated by Lauren Lamparter, MD, AAEM/RSA President
Medical School: Howard University College of Medicine

Candidate Statement: I am a current 2nd-year medical student at Howard and serve as the Co-President for our EMIG. I am also Vice President of Medical Students for Africa, a Health Policy & Advocacy Co-Coordinator for the DC Emergency Medicine Medical Student Council, and a Patient Navigator at New Freedmen's Clinic. I’ve always enjoyed serving as a bridge between knowledge and opportunity for others and I view myself as an advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves. As a medical student in DC, my aspirations have evolved, and I hope to mesh my interests in the eradication of health disparities with my desire to elevate communities and transform structures that affect them. Emergency Medicine was my first exposure to the inner workings of a health care system. In the ER, you see everything. You see the rich and the poor, the sick, and the healthy. I always thought that health was one of the great equalizers, but then again, health is a complicated word to define and having good health requires access and opportunity. The chances of having access to quality affordable health care are not the same for every person. This reality bothers me because I cannot seem to figure out what makes one person’s life worth more than another’s. Does a better education equate with the right to a longer life span? Does less income mean that those with it shouldn’t be able to get help for their ill children? As future EM physicians, we’ll find ourselves at the center of this dilemma and it’s a necessity for us to have the tools to be able to advocate, innovate, and lead, not only for our patients, but for ourselves. The AAEM/RSA embodies the essence of what it means to prepare tomorrow’s leaders. I enjoy belonging to an organization that not only encourages but puts action behind the flow of meaningful problem-solving ideas to combat existing health issues and the concerns of EM physicians. If so fortunate, I will serve as a positive change agent on the council, in hopes of furthering advocacy and breaking down barriers in EM. 

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Jada Watts

Candidate for Northeast Regional Representative
Medical School: Howard University College of Medicine

Candidate Statement: My name is Jada Watts and I am a second year medical student at Howard University College of Medicine. I recently became involved with AAEM/RSA through my school's Emergency Medicine interest group. As a second year, I currently serve as the fundraising chair for the EM interest group as well as sitting on the admissions committee for the college of medicine. This year, I hope to serve in the capacity of international ex-officio member. I have already benefitted so much from being introduced to AAEM/RSA and would love to help give back by making even further improvements to the organization. Through this position, I hope to bring a different perspective to the board by bringing attention to new issues and ensuring the livelihood of EM is preserved as time progresses.

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Amanda Eukovich

Candidate for Southern Regional Representative
Nominated by Lauren Lamparter, MD, AAEM/RSA President
Medical School: Dr. Kiran C. Patel College of Osteopathic Medicine at Nova
Southeastern University

Candidate Statement: My love for emergency medicine emerged when I began working in the UF Shands Emergency Department my sophomore year of undergraduate education. I began as a patient transporter and then became a scribe, ultimately becoming the head scribe. Through this position, I became very familiar with navigating a level-one trauma center, training many scribes and directing them appropriately to fit the flow of the ED. I acted as a liaison between the scribes and physicians, communicating new policies and resolving conflicts if the charts were not up to the physicians' standards. Furthermore, I emotionally supported scribes as they witnessed their first trauma alerts, and I determined if their needs as a new employee were met. I strived to be a team-member that all colleagues could rely on.  

Once I began medical school, I began wondering if I loved emergency medicine or just merely medicine in general. However, now as a third-year medical student, I have been exposed to a variety of rotations, including some in the ED. Despite enjoying many different rotations, I continue to find myself heavily drawn to EM, confirming my passion for the field. Thus, serving as a South representative for AAEM/RSA would allow me to contribute my passion and dedication to this association. With my experience and communication skills, I can readily advocate for medical students and residents throughout their training journey. Additionally, on rotations, I thoroughly listen to and advocate for all of my patients. I would continue to do this for patients in the emergency department, from triage to discharge, ensuring they receive the fair and proper care that every human being merits. Lastly, I will gladly be available to connect with and represent medical students in the South, as I am located in Florida. I would be honored to be a part of the AAEM/RSA team.

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Nvard Sisliyan

Candidate for Western Regional Representative
Nominated by Kersti Bellardi, AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council Western Regional

Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of
the Pacific

Nomination Statement: I have worked closely with his nominee on the advocacy committee and I was impressed by her interpersonal skills, ability to be reliable and hard-working as a member of a team, as well as her interest increasing change for a better patient care and overall environment in emergency medicine. Not only is she a good collaborator but she also has interesting ideas and a disposition that is both humble and full of positive energy. Unlike myself at times, she is able to both lead but also maintain a sense of calm which I was very drawn to and found pleasant to be around. For these and so many reasons, I think she would be a great addition to any team! She truly can provide unique insights as she has been involved in various school groups and local communities that she is passionate about. This nominee has so much to offer! Please consider her! - Kersti Bellardi

Candidate Statement: It is an honor to be nominated as a candidate for Western Regional Representative by Kersti Bellardi, the predecessor title holder, from whom I have learned so much already. My introduction to AAEM/RSA is credited to Dr. Haig Aintablian who inspired me to take an active role as a member of the Advocacy committee. Through my experiences on the committee, I have gained a great deal of insight into the influences of policy, law, and its critical impact on the medical society. One particularly incredible experience was working with a team on a position statement that addressed mental health disparities in the ED among the LGBTQ+ community and proposed meaningful modifications that can improve patient-doctor relations and create better health outcomes. Through AAEM/RSA, I aim to continue to spread awareness to the inequities created by corporate healthcare, address systemic and administrative issues, mitigate risks associated with scope creep, protect physician interests, and advance the academic integrity of the profession. 

My passion to pursue Emergency Medicine stems from my years working as a 911 EMT running critical calls alongside LACoFD. As a first responder, I served during an unprecedented time amidst the height of a pandemic, widespread protests, and political divide. With these prehospital experiences, I witnessed the toll the pandemic took on ERs, frontline workers, and the EMS field, thus alerting me to the infrastructural changes that must be addressed to improve our delivery of care. 

If elected as a member of the AAEM Medical Student Council, I will further this organization’s mission in giving a platform to its resident and student voices. I believe I have the skills necessary to serve as a liaison and create opportunities that promote networking and educational advancements while representing the needs of our medical students and the larger community.

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Katy Wyszynski

Candidate for Western Regional Representative
Medical School: University of North Texas Health Science Center

Candidate Statement: My name is Katy, and I’m a 2nd year medical student at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth, Texas. I am excited to be running for the Western Regional Representative on the medical student council for AAEM. I first became involved with AAEM as a medical student ambassador for the 2021 scientific assembly. It was my first conference as a medical student, and I met incredible students, residents, and attending physicians. I also jumped right into a few different working groups within AAEM. I have a passion for ultrasound, especially ultrasound teaching in preclinical curriculum. I am now working with the Emergency Ultrasound Section of AAEM to partner interested medical schools with residents and fellows for virtual ultrasound teaching opportunities. 

I also quickly got involved with the Women in EM section, under the incredible leadership of Dr. Swisher and mentorship of fourth year Anantha Singarajah. After attending a virtual mentoring session for osteopathic students, I knew I wanted to get more involved. Anantha was gracious enough to share responsibilities for planning these sessions, and I have moderated one mentoring webinar thus far. I am currently planning the session for January, “What to do the summer after your first year of med school.” Under this mentorship series, I am also working to compile contact information for every osteopathic EMIG in the country. Although it’s a slow process, it is great connecting with students all over. 

If I am elected to the medical student council, I hope to continue this work at AAEM and collaborate with wonderful students pursuing emergency medicine.

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Lindsay Callahan

Candidate for International Ex-Officio Representative
Nominated by Ava Omidvar, AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council International Ex-Officio Representative
Medical School: St. George’s University

Nomination Statement: Lindsay Callahan is a phenomenal person and exceptional medical student. I have worked with Lindsay in a variety of projects ranging from education to community outreach and she is an incredibly diligent and resourceful person. She has years of diverse experience as critical care nurse working in  urban and rural settings within multiple countries, which she shares her knowledge and skills with her classmates and local community. When the pandemic started, she returned to the field and helped the most at-risk communities in their greatest time of need. As a medical student, she has excelled as a leader in the school's EMIG bringing novel ideas to share with her cohort to better prepare them for their future clinical rotations. She is an constant advocate for her patients, fellow students, and vulnerable populations. Lindsay has the skills and talents necessary to be an asset to the MSC. - Ava Omidvar

Candidate Statement: Hi Everyone! I’m Lindsay Callahan, a third-year medical student at St. George’s University. It is an honor to be nominated to be the international student representative. 

Before medical school, I practiced as an ICU RN for nine years. This powerfully influenced my decision to pursue a career in medicine. As a result of my experience working in surgical and neurological intensive care, I was rapidly mesmerized and drawn into the world of acute care. I am interested in becoming an emergency department physician with a fellowship in critical care. I was blessed to work with a handful of physicians that split their time between the intensive care units and the emergency department. I witnessed the incredible combination of skills they possessed. 

In my first two years of medical school, I was actively involved in the emergency medicine club at SGU. I began by volunteering and helping to run the numerous workshops offered on campus. After volunteering my first term, I progressed to hold the position of workshop coordinator, followed in my second year as the Vice President of our board. Before COVID-19, our club prided itself on the hands-on skills workshops we hosted. Our workshops introduce students to a wide variety of skills and content vital to emergency medicine. We strive to prepare our members for upcoming clerkships. 

I would be honored to hold this position within the AAEM/RSA. This position would allow me to find new ways to support students interested in emergency medicine. Thank you for considering me.

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