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Student Candidate Statements

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Lauren Lamparter

Candidate for President
Nominated by David Fine, AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council President and Haig Aintablian, MD, AAEM/RSA President
Medical School: Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

Nomination Statement: It is my pleasure to nominate Lauren Lamparter for AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council President. Lauren has been involved with AAEM/RSA since the beginning of her time at medical school. Her involvement in planning the Midwest Medical Student Symposium has been essential. Most recently, she acted as a co-coordinator to the symposium planning committee where her hard work and dedication helped us reach out to new programs that had not previously attended the conference. I believe that her prior experience on the Medical Student Council as the Midwest Midwestern Regional Representative will be advantageous to this current role given her unique perspective. Her efforts on the board helped advertise our resources to EMIGs across the Midwest. Lauren is a great candidate for this role as her experience, work ethic, and understanding of AAEM/RSA resources will provide her with great success in this role. 

Candidate Statement: Many reasons have shaped my decision to pursue a career in Emergency Medicine, the most important being the year I worked as a scribe in Cottage Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED) in Santa Barbara, California. Spending 20-40 hours per week in the ED exposed me to countless patients and medical conditions, gave me insight into the positives and negatives of EM, and ultimately resulted in my decision to pursue becoming an Emergency Medicine physician.

In 2018-2019, I had the privilege of serving as the president of Loyola Stritch School of Medicine’s Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG). In this role I help connect students to opportunities in Emergency Medicine such as research, shadowing, and journal clubs. I worked closely with Emergency Medicine physicians, and I loved this role of being an advocate for Emergency Medicine and helping other students explore their potential interest in this field.

This school year (Fall 2019- present) I was able to serve as the Midwest Representative on AAEM/RSA student council and on the planning committee for the AAEM/RSA Midwest Medical Student Symposium. I helped communicate with EM programs and invite them to AAEM and the conference, and I assisted in conference planning and execution. In both of these roles I worked closely with current AAEM/RSA student council president, David Fine, and I learned from his leadership and expertise.

Therefore, I think I would be a great candidate for President of the AAEM/RSA student council as I could continue this advocacy by coordinating AAEM/RSA student initiatives over the country. I am excited by the possibilities to connect with students at other medical schools through Emergency Medicine, and I thank you for considering me for this position.

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Leah Colucci

Candidate for Vice President 
Medical School: University of Miami – Miller School of Medicine

Candidate Statement: My commitment to the Emergency Medicine field began as a first year by attending the AAEM 2018 conference in San Diego. Over the last 3 years I have attended multiple conferences and become more involved in the Emergency Medicine community. This past year I served as the Vice President of AAEM’s Medical Student Council. I have thoroughly enjoyed the team and projects we have worked on. I hope to continue with this position again.

I am currently the President of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Student Government. In this role I have interacted with many medical schools throughout the south east. I believe this experience has provided me skills and contacts that could benefit the position of the south regional representative.

I helped jump start and serve on the staff of a clinic for the only needle exchange in Florida (IDEA Needle Exchange and Wound Care Clinic). Through this I have become heavily involved in the opioid crisis and policy. The opioid crisis is at the forefront of a lot of EM physician’s minds.  My experience in this arena can be an asset to the team. I would like to help in finding opportunities for medical schools to get involved and combat the crisis. A law just recently passed in Florida allowing for the expansion of needle exchanges, so this is the prime time to get involved.

Overall, I am passionate about the field of emergency medicine and AAEM. I would be honored to continue serving the medical student council. 

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Dan Walsh 

Candidate for Regional Representative – Midwest
Nominated by Lauren Lamparter, AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council Regional Representative – Midwest
Medical School: Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

Nomination Statement: I have known Daniel for the past year and a half and worked with him this year. He is a driven leader who is passionate about Emergency Medicine. He has served in the role as EMIG Vice President this year, and he organized and facilitated an excellent journal club event and assisted in making the AAEM Midwest Medical Student Symposium run smoothly. He would be an excellent addition to the student council as Midwest Representative.  

Candidate Statement: While confident and effective leadership skills are important in any specialty, the urgency of Emergency Medicine necessitates these traits to a higher degree. Development of these skills during medical school lay the foundation for a successful career. An opportunity to serve as the AAEM/RSA Midwest Regional Student Council representative is an exciting challenge to expand my leadership abilities. Working at a national level to communicate with driven, like minded, peers will provide constant learning. Together, I hope we can leave the Medical Student Council better than at the start of our tenure.

As 2018-2019 Vice President of the EMIG at Loyola, I've been able to carry out duties similar to those expected of me in this role. Communicating with attendings and the rest of our board, I coordinated multiple events and assisted in running the AAEM/RSA Midwest Medical Student Symposium. This symposium is held yearly at our institution, and I think I would be in a unique position to optimize its success while serving as regional student council representative.

Additionally, I'm confident that I bring a mature set of leadership skills to the table. Serving as a two-year captain of a Division I baseball team and program manager of local community center prior to medical school, I've learned to never lead from a pedestal and am committed to keeping an open line of communication amongst those with which I work. Most importantly, I will always bring a positive attitude and enthusiasm to my obligations in this role.

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Joshua Sawyer

Candidate for Regional Representative - South
Medical School: Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine

Candidate Statement: As a member of the medical student council I hope to support AAEM/RSA’s mission by engaging each school’s EMIG leadership to help promote and disseminate the agenda and excellent resources of AAEM-RSA.  Additionally, I hope to promote exposure to the entire diverse field of Emergency Medicine in preclinical students and act as a liaison to connect them to resources, mentors, and academic opportunities.  During the past two years, I helped establish early EM exposure at my medical school through community outreach via incorporation of the American College of Surgeon’s “Stop the Bleed” program into our curriculum.

Prior to beginning medical school, I worked as an ER/Flight nurse at the University of Alabama at Birmingham which is a busy regional Level-1 trauma center.  I was on staff in the Emergency Department and as a member of the Critical Care Flight and Ground Transport Team.  During this time, I developed a passion for trauma and critical care medicine, in particular the ED-ICU interface.  My interactions with the residents and faculty of this program exposed me to how varied and fulfilling a career in Emergency Medicine could be.  I saw EM faculty incorporating their passions into individual areas of interest and realized my personal dream of becoming an EM/CCM physician.  Upon entering medical school, I accepted a HPSP scholarship through the United States Navy.  I am passionate about the role of Emergency Medicine in the military and translation of that knowledge and expertise to civilian practice.

As a regional-representative I would work with individual EMIGs and the student council to continue to promote the many facets of EM that make it such a rewarding path.  I feel fortunate to have had the exposure and experiences that I did prior to medical school and am passionate about promoting the field.

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Vincent LongBrianna Beaver

Candidate for Regional Representative – West
Nominated by Sara Bradley, AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council Regional Representative - West
Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences

Nomination Statement: Brianna Beaver is highly qualified to be the next Western Regional Representative for the AAEM-RSA medical student council. She served as president for the EMIG at her medical school and was the main organizer for their 6th Annual EMIG Symposium. She has also been actively involved with AAEM-RSA through both the education committee and the Cal-AAEM RSA Medical Student Board since 2018. She has recorded podcasts and helped plan several conferences through these positions. Brianna is hard-working, reliable, and a natural leader who would be a wonderful choice as the next Western Regional Representative. Thank you.

Candidate Statement: It is an honor, and I am extremely excited to be nominated for Medical Student Council Western Regional Representative. My love for Emergency Medicine began after undergrad when I worked as a scribe, and later an EMT, in my hometown hospitals ED. I spent countless hours over a three year period working and learning in that ED and discovered my passion for Emergency Medicine.

In medical school, I continued to become involved in all things Emergency Medicine. I was the first-year representative of my EMIG at WesternU and later became president during my pre-clinical years. In this role, I facilitated lectures which brought attendings and residents to campus to teach on different aspects of Emergency Medicine. As president, I also organized and hosted the 6th Annual WesternU EM symposium.

I love being in a role in which I can help other students explore their interest in the field of Emergency Medicine. I have continued this by becoming a member of the AAEM RSA Education Committee, while also assisting with the planning of the first ever Cal-AAEM/RSA Southern California Symposium 2019 as well as the 2nd Southern California Symposium 2020, set for this February.

I am passionate about Emergency Medicine and am fully dedicated to helping students who are interested in this field. I cannot think of a better way to do this than to be elected as the Western Representative on the AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council. I am eager for the opportunity to help medical students in the Western Region explore Emergency Medicine. Thank you for considering me for this position. 

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Joelle Brown

Candidate for International Ex-Officio Member
Nominated by Shelby Wood, Matthew Bidwell, and Matthew Carvey
Medical School: St. George's University

Nomination Statement: I met Joelle Brown during my 2nd term at SGU when I served as the Workshop Coordinator and Joelle was nominated as Secretary for the Emergency Medicine Club. In the two years that I have known her, I have gotten to know her as an extremely positive, organized and motivated individual who has a passion for EM. Her attention to detail was unparalleled and met equally with her desire to help and be involved in everything that the group planned to educate and expose our student colleagues to while at school. I firmly believe that the addition of Joelle to the AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council would continue to grow and develop the organization while maintaining the high level of standards that have been upheld for years. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask. –Matthew Bidwell

Joelle Brown is currently a part of the AAEM/RSA' Representative Council and Advocacy Committee, committing herself to both of these roles in order to represent those interested in emergency medicine from a student perspective. Her dedication towards these two roles is exactly the reason she deserves a position on the AAEM/RSA' Medical Student Council. Through her success with these two positions thus far, becoming a part of the medical student council will allow her to create further opportunities for students interested in emergency medicine. She will motivate the other council members and strengthen the AAEM/RSA as a whole, as she has done previously as a board member for her emergency medicine interest group at St. George's University. –Matthew Carvey

I have known Joelle Brown for the past two years after meeting at St. George's University School of Medicine in Grenada. We were initially brought together on the Executive Board of our school's Emergency Medicine Club, on which she served two terms as Secretary and I initially served as Workshop Coordinator. As I have gotten to know her, Joelle has become a close friend and role model to me. She is kind, generous,  and willing to go above and beyond to help those around her. She meets challenges and adversity with strength, poise and determination. She is easy to work with, incredibly mature and professional, and has a wealth of life experience that will make her an incredible asset to any team. Joelle and I have attended several emergency medicine conferences together this year, including AAEM, CORD, and most recently ACEP. Joelle is always eager to jump in and get involved wherever she can by joining committees (AAEM), serving as a medical student ambassador (ACEP), and volunteering as a standardized patient at the EMRA Resident SimWars (ACEP). She will be an excellent representative of international medical students not just at SGU, but every school in the Caribbean and beyond. Please consider her for your 2020 Medical Student Council team! –Shelby Wood

Candidate Statement: I am honored to run for the position of International Representative to the AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council. I’m passionate about emergency medicine and as the international representative, would strive to encourage others to become involved with AAEM/RSA and raise awareness to the needs of international medical students and graduates (IMGs).

I have been involved with my school’s emergency medicine interest group since starting medical school. St. George’s University (SGU) boasts (to my knowledge) the largest student-run EMIG in the world, with over 500 active members. I served on its executive board as secretary and worked with other board members to put on practical skills workshops for our student body. Once I started my clinical rotations, I’ve continued to share my love for EM by serving as one of SGU’s representatives to the AAEM/RSA board and serving on the AAEM/RSA Advocacy committee. Through these roles, I have encouraged others to get more involved in AAEM by attending the regional and national meetings. I have also brought attention to some of the unique challenges facing EM-bound IMGs, such as difficulties with finding away rotations.

As the medical student council’s international representative, I would continue to raise the profile of AAEM/RSA among IMGs and advocate for the specific needs of these students. Some of my ideas include creating a platform to foster mentor-mentee relationships between AAEM IMG physicians and students as it can be difficult for IMGs to find a US-based EM advisor. I would also like to create an interview series (either in paper or podcast form) in which young and established IMG physicians tell their story and offer advice to students.

These are just some of the ways I hope to serve the international members of AAEM/RSA. Thank you for reading and thank you for your consideration.

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Lana Hariri

Candidate for International Ex-Officio Member
Medical School: American University of the Caribbean – St. Maarten

Candidate Statement: My name is Lana Hariri and I am very interested in serving in the International Board for Medical Students. My interest in Emergency Medicine began when I was a scribe in the ER in Cleveland, Ohio. I then was promoted to Chief and had the opportunity to work closely with attendings, program directors, site directors, and more. My enthusiasm and eagerness to pursue Emergency Medicine have only continued to grow. I recently created a 6-month training program for medical students to compete in mock-SimWars, a very popular EM Competition. Students participate weekly in the SimLab at our hospital in Southfield, Michigan and learn various techniques such as intubation, airway, CPR, EKG readings, etc. in order to participate and compete in an annual SimWars competition.

I would love to be a part of AAEM/RSA as I believe their goals and mission statement align closely with mine. I recently attended the Midwestern Symposium back in September in Chicago and was incredibly impressed with the speakers and organizers of the event. I believe I have the leadership skills and qualifications to make a great board member. I am constantly active and engaging in ways to make the community a better place for medical students (for example, SimWars!) and I hope to continue that in my career as a resident and physician. Thank you for your time! 

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Bruno Perthus

Candidate for International Ex-Officio Member 
Nominated by Chris Phillips, MD, AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council Ex-Officio Member
Medical School: University of Queensland - Ochsner Clinical School New Orleans

Nomination Statement: My name is Dr. Chris Phillips and I am the former Vice President of EMIG at the University of Queensland-Ochsner Clinical School in New Orleans, LA. I would like to confidently nominate Bruno Perthus for Medical Student Council International Ex-Officio Member. Bruno is a dedicated student, leader and future emergency medicine physician. Bruno is the current Vice President of External Relations for our program’s EMIG. He has shown great promise in this position, being able to effectively communicate with other student interest groups and faculty in order to create opportunities for collaboration. Additionally, he is effectively running our social media presence and is well-versed in creating engagement with our interest group and the Emergency Medicine community as a whole. He is always willing to lend a hand when it is needed and has demonstrated his ability to help facilitate events and tasks that needed accomplishing.

Bruno is no stranger to leadership roles and is very engaged in our medical school community. The skills he has garnered from these past experiences will certainly serve him well in future leadership positions. His ability to effectively communicate the needs of his peers, devise potential solutions, and his dedication to facilitate the execution of said solutions has made him a vivacious part of our EMIG. As the current RSA International Ex-Officio Member, I am exceedingly confident that Bruno would fill and improve on this position in the future as an integral member of the AAEM/RSA medical student council.

Candidate Statement: I am excited to be nominated for the position of International Ex-Officio Representative on the AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council.

Being a medical student at the University of Queensland-Ochsner Clinical School has given me a unique opportunity to understand the health care and medical student education system in both Australia and the United States. Being an international medical graduate lends itself to gaining exposure to unique opportunities and challenges, for which I am grateful to have learned from and to continue supporting those in a similar situation.

I have been heavily involved in student leadership opportunities both in Brisbane and in New Orleans. In Australia I helped facilitate student elective placements in rural and underserved communities. More so, I participated in many discussions and meetings that revolved around facilitating a more efficient and accessible process around getting students involved in rural healthcare. One of the major changes I helped facilitate throughout my tenure in this position was moving our available scholarship funds into a more need-based system based on both student and leadership feedback.

As the incoming Vice President of External Relations of my program’s EMIG and as the incoming co-president of our Wilderness Medicine interest group I am always working on developing new ideas and opportunities to not only increase my colleague’s learning, but to also strive to increase inter- and cross-disciplinary relations.

I hope to be able to work closely in-hand with my region’s EMIGs and the AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council to make the process of our transition into Emergency Medicine physicians easier. Having classmates and many friends in other international medical programs provides me with a unique opportunity to serve as an advocate and liaison, coupled with my past experiences as being a member of multiple student organization will allow me to serve as an effective International Ex-Officio Representative.

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Aeron Thomas

Candidate for International Ex-Officio Member 
Nominated by David Fine, AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council President
Medical School: St. George’s University

Nomination Statement: It is with great confidence that I nominate Aeron Thomas for the AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council position of International Member. Aeron’s passion for Emergency Medicine is self-evident from his prior experience as a Senior Paramedic and his current involvement with the St. George’s University School of Medicine Emergency Medicine Interest Group. He utilizes his paramedic experience to help teach intubation and IV access workshops with his institution’s EMIG. As a leader and an advocate, Aeron is a great fit for the position of the International Member. I have no doubt that he will be a great representative utilizing his experience and relationships with fellow students to assess the needs of our international AAEM/RSA student members.

Candidate Platform Statement: Emergency medicine has been my calling for some time now, having served my community in an EMS capacity for five years before coming to medical school. One of the first things I did was join the EM interest group on campus, and then seek out other ways to get involved, such as in AAEM/RSA. Being an international student has many challenges, aside from the historical stigma, the long distance between family and friends amplifies the stresses of medical school. To make things more difficult, being in a remote location makes professional networking tough, as international flights to conferences and events taxes an already burdened medical student budget. Joining the medical student council, I will provide an international voice and advocate on behalf of my colleagues.

I want more people interested in Emergency Medicine, including international students.
As the dynamics of the US healthcare system continue to change, I feel we have a justified seat at the table, as we are a large portion of practicing physicians in the US. I strongly supported the RSA movement focused on standard video interviews, and I am following closely the conversations about Step 1 scoring changes.

My personal focus is also on enhancing and embracing challenges facing our EMS systems. As future physicians, we will soon be the leaders of pre-hospital medicine, and I want to introduce other medical students to the great new advances in community health that EMS can provide; from the Community Paramedic programs in Michigan, to the Nurse Practitioner response units in Los Angeles. As member ex-officio of this council, I want to advocate for further development of EMS programs, and provide an international voice to get my fellow students excited about Emergency Medicine. And at the very least, follow me on twitter @LThomasRP, so we can continue conversing.

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