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Medical Student Council

AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council
May 2021 — May 2022

Medical Student Council Chair — Ashley Iannantone, MA 

Hometown: Downers Grove, IL
Undergrad: Loyola University Chicago
Medical School: Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine
Favorite Thing About Your City: I love the unique neighborhoods that make up Chicago and its diverse restaurant scene. I also love going for a run or bike ride along the beautiful lake front.
Professional Interests: Addiction medicine, critical care/trauma, social justice and access to care
Hobbies: Cooking/baking, trying new restaurants, food photography, recreational dodgeball, traveling, visiting museums
Favorite TV Shows and Books: My all-time favorite TV show is The Office and favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. I am currently reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. 


Medical Student Council Vice Chair — Bryan V. Redmond 

Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergrad: Xavier University of Louisiana
Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry
Favorite Thing About Your City: Memphis: activism, music, BBQ, grit (and grind!); Rochester: festivals, garbage plates, growth.
Professional Interests: Neuro-ophthalmology, psychophysics, acute stroke intervention, health disparities research, medical education, pediatric EM
Hobbies: Have I said anything about the gym yet? Joking :), discovering new music, service.
Favorite TV Shows and Books: Sports (especially with family!),  I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Between the World and Me, 50th Law. 


Western Regional Representative — Kersti Bellardi, MSc 

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA
Undergrad: University of California, Santa Barbara
Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences
Favorite Thing About Your City: Street festivals with live music
Professional Interests: Global health, public health, care affordability or any thing that requires a procedure
Hobbies: Family, travelling, live music, and learning Spanish
Favorite TV Shows and Books: Reading Harry Potter, finding new music on SoundCloud, and watching RuPaul's Drag Race


Midwestern Regional Representative — Robert (Rob) Canning, Jr., JD MBA 

Hometown: Darien, CT
Undergrad: Wake Forest University
Medical School: Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
Favorite Thing About Your City: Being able to run along the lakefront, learn about the history of the city, explore museums and parks, and checkout different restaurants and bars
Professional Interests: Prehospital and unscheduled care, medical education, and medical-legal partnerships
Hobbies: Parenting, teaching, EMS, running, cooking, skiing/snowboarding, skeet shooting and sailing
Favorite TV Shows and Books: Anything true crime or medically related (e.g., Staircase, House, etc.) 


Southern Regional Representative — JoJo Dodd, MSc

Hometown: Picayune, MS
Undergrad: Mississippi State University
Medical School: University of Mississippi Medical Center
Favorite Thing About Your City: There’s a big reservoir just outside of Jackson, MS that I love going out on the weekends 
Professional Interests: Healthcare access and health policy, military medicine
Hobbies: Being on the water, rock climbing, caving, and Mississippi State baseball/football
Favorite TV Shows and Books: Currently reading Countdown 1945


Northeastern Regional Representative — Joanna Cho, BA 

  Hometown: Tenafly, NJ
Undergrad: Washington University in St Louis
Medical School: University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry
Favorite Thing About Your City: NYC - diversity in culture, food, and people!
Professional Interests: EM, education, disaster medicine, public/international health
Hobbies: Snowboarding, pilates, martial arts, playing guitar, cooking
Favorite TV Shows and Books: TV: Friends, Grey's Anatomy. Movie: The Intern, The Terminal, Little Women. Book: Pride & Prejudice, The Diary of Anne Frank


Ex-Officio International Representative — Ava Omidvar, MPH FP-C 

Hometown: Rockville, MD
Undergrad: University of Maryland Baltimore County
Medical School: St. George's University School of Medicine
Favorite Thing About Your City: From any perspective, Washington D.C. is an incredibly beautiful city from the air, ground, and water. The diversity of the people provide the city with the richness of history, culture, music, and food. 
Professional Interests: Pediatric emergency medicine, critical care, global health, and emergency/critical care transport
Hobbies: I am an outdoorsy and adventurous person, who loves new experiences. My hobbies include travelling (especially on my motorcycle), camping, hiking, and snowboarding.
Favorite TV Shows and Books: I enjoy reading books written by Michael Crichton, Tess Gerritsen, and Robin Cook. 


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