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Previous Award Winners

Kevin G. Rodgers Program Director of the Year Award

2020 Scott Young, DO FAAEM
2019 Aloysius “Butch” Humbert, MD
2018 Leslie Oyama, MD
2017 Jonathan S. Jones, MD
2016 Keith Wrenn, MD
2015 Kevin G. Rodgers, MD
2014 Jacob W. Ufberg, MD
Carey D. Chisholm, MD – Lifetime Achievement Award
2013 Michael J. Matteucci, MD
2012 Michael L. Epter, DO
2011 Jonathan Davis, MD
2010 David S. Howes, MD
Stuart P. Swadron, MD
2009 Christopher Doty, MD
2008 Gus M. Garmel, MD
2007 Robert C. Harwood, MD
2006 Amal Mattu, MD
2005 Stephen R. Hayden, MD
Kevin G. Rodgers, MD
2004 William K. Mallon, MD
2002 Carey Chisholm, MD
2001 Peter DeBlieux, MD


Program Coordinator of the Year Award

2020 Norma Franco
2019 Michele "Miki" Adair-Russo
2018 Chelsea Harrison
2017 Krista Fukumoto


Committee Member of the Year Award

2020 Gregory Jasani, MD and Nahal G. Nikroo
2019 Ryan DesCamp and Gabriel Stahl, MD
2018 Haig Aintablian
2017 Jake Toy


AAEM/RSA and Journal of Emergency Medicine Resident Research Forum Winners

2019 Joseph G. Salameh, DO    1st Place
David A. Kim, MD PhD       2nd Place
Anwar S. Ferdinand, MD   3rd Place
2018 Amanda Esposito, MD 1st Place
Nancy K. Glober, MD 2nd Place
Victoria Zhou 3rd Place
2017 Kimon L.H. Ioannides, MD and Andrea Blome, MD 1st Place
Sean Stuart, DO 2nd Place
Nicholas G. Von Schrott 3rd Place
2016 Patrick C. Ng, MD 1st Place
Patricia De Melo, MD 2nd Place
Daniel A. Krakauer 3rd Place
2015 Felix Y. Huang, MD 1st Place
Tessa Stamile 2nd Place
Meghan Swartz, MD 2nd Place
2014 Matt Gaffigan, MD 1st Place
Shannon Toohey, MD 2nd Place
Brenton Taggart, MD 3rd Place
2013 Lauren G. Oliveria, DO 1st Place
Weston Seipp, MD 2nd Place
Travis G. Deaton, MD 3rd Place
2012 Usha Periyanayagam, MD 1st Place
Elliot Ross, MD 2nd Place
James Miranda, MD 3rd Place
2011 Michael Pelster 1st Place
Steve Aguilar, MD 2nd Place
Alexander Garcia, DO 3rd Place
2010 Roberta Capp, MD 1st Place
Steve Anthony Aguilar, MD 2nd Place
Jennifer Woodward 3rd Place
2009 Erin Griffith, DO 1st Place
Brian Geyer 2nd Place
Roxana Yoonessi, MD 3rd Place
2008 Hannah Watts, MD 1st Place
Kristie Robson, MD 2nd Place
Jonathan G. Crisp, MD 3rd Place
2007 Amish Shah, MD 1st Place
Nima Majlesi, DO 2nd Place
Julia Wang, MD 3rd Place
2006 Gil Z. Shlamovitz, MD 1st Place
Christopher Fischer, MD 2nd Place
Johnny A. Dias, MSPH 3rd Place
2005 Truman John Milling, Jr., MD 1st Place
Christopher H. Lee, MS 2nd Place
Kavid Nik Udompanyanan, MD 3rd Place
2004 Maureen Gibbons 1st Place
Jesse M. Pines, MD MBA 2nd Place
Sandra L. Stevens, MD 3rd Place
2003 Wende Reenstra, MD PhD 1st Place
Michael Runyon, MD 2nd Place
Benjamin Abella, MD 3rd Place
2002 James Colletti, MD 1st Place
Michael Matteucci, MD 2nd Place
Brian Bearie, MD 3rd Place
2001 Frank Christopher, MD 1st Place
Judd Glasser, MD 2nd Place
Steven Offerman, MD 3rd Place
2000 Robert Green, MD 1st Place
Marcus Christopher, MD 2nd Place
Marcia Robitaille, MD 3rd Place
1999 Kevin Ernsting, MD 1st Place
Nathan Shapiro, MD 2nd Place
Gregory Rosellini, MD 3rd Place


AAEM/RSA WestJEM Population Health Research Competition

2019 Cortlyn Brown 1st Place
Anna Yang Runner-Up
Austin T. Jones Runner-Up
2018 David A. Kim, MD PhD 1st Place
Emily M. Ball, MD MPH Runner-Up
Luther Walls Runner-Up
2017 Daniel Gingold, MD MPH 1st Place
Nhan Do, MD Runner-Up
Zachary Olson, MD Runner-Up



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