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ABEM Updates, June 2017

Qualifying Examination Deadlines

The first step in becoming ABEM certified is to apply for certification. The second step is taking and passing the Qualifying Examination. If you want to take the November 2017 Qualifying Examination but have not yet applied for certification, you still have an opportunity. The last late application deadline is October 5. By midnight (Eastern) on that date you must complete the online application and submit the appropriate fee.

If your application is approved, ABEM will notify you, and you can then register for the exam without paying a late fee if you do so by October 26.

Application and examination deadline dates and fees are available on the ABEM website. If you have any questions, please contact ABEM at 517-332-4800, ext. 384, or email


What do I do if I think an exam question is strange or unclear?

If you come across a question on the Qualifying Examination that just doesn’t seem quite right to you it could be a “field test” question. Field test questions are questions that appear on an exam for the first time and that do not factor into candidate scoring. Before any Qualifying Examination question is used to determine a candidate’s score, the question must first be field tested to ensure its performance meets ABEM standards. Such field test questions have passed through several thorough reviews, but nothing takes the place of trying out questions with real test takers. Again, your responses to field test questions do not affect your score.

What can you do if you run across such a question? You can provide feedback about it (or any other test question) while you are taking the exam using the “Comment” button. This feedback is important to ABEM, especially for questions you think are not straightforward, might have multiple correct answers, or are less relevant to the clinical practice of Emergency Medicine. You can offer positive comments as well. Each comment is read by exam editors and taken into consideration when deciding whether to keep, revise, or eliminate a question.


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