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AAEM/RSA Medical Student Mondays

The AAEM/RSA Board of Directors are proud to bring you a new virtual webinar series: AAEM/RSA Medical Student Mondays. This series will focus on different topics important to medical students including issues like applications, ranking, online interviews, additional degrees, and more! Have a topic you’d like a webinar to focus on? Email us at with your suggestion!

You applied, interviewed and matched! Now what? We gathered a group of current residents to pull back the curtain on residency. Learn about what to expect and gain tips and tricks to help start your intern year right!

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Past Events

Medical Student Mondays: The Match in Review | March 29, 2021

Join the current AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council M4s who are newly matched! Bring your questions and concerns regarding interviews, applications, and the match process. We will encourage and equip you to enter the next cycle strong! 

Medical Student Mondays: Away Rotations: What is a "Virtual Away?" | March 15, 2021

Our ability to connect online has grown stronger, but is it equal to an in person experience? Want to learn more about virtual aways? Are they worth the time? Come hear the experience of students who's only option for aways were virtual.

Medical Student Mondays: ABCDEFG…What is With All the Letters? The Scoop on Additional Degrees | March 1, 2021

Plenty of EM Docs have additional degrees, what does that mean for the job market and differentiating yourself as a physician? Will you ever use these extra degrees? Learn from EM physician leaders about why those credentials matter in their professional lives and personal journeys.

Medical Student Mondays: Rank Lists | February 15, 2021

Join the members of the AAEM/RSA Board of Directors to learn how current residents prioritized their rank lists. What does it really mean to "go with your heart?" What factors would they have considered now that they matched? Bring your questions and leave ready to submit that final rank list!

Ask Me Anything: About Subspecialties in EM | October 26, 2020

Our next topic is AMA About Subspecialties in EM. Whether you're interested in ultrasound, social EM, EMS, wilderness medicine, or administration, there are so many subspecialties to explore. Please join us for this look into the plethora of ways you can expand your EM career through a subspecialty!

Ask Me Anything: About the EM Interview | September 28, 2020

Join members of the AAEM/RSA board for an AMA session! This week’s topic is AMA About the EM Interview. As this virtual interview season is about to start, tune in to receive advice from current residents about their personal interview success! Come ask our residents all the questions you have so that you can shine on your virtual EM interviews.

Ask Me Anything: About the EM Clerkship | September 14, 2020

Join members of the AAEM/RSA board for an AMA session! This week’s topic is AMA about the EM Clerkship. Are you wondering how to impress physicians and secure a great SLOE? Tune in for advice from residents. Come ask our residents questions so that you are able to perform well on your EM Clerkship! This event is FREE! Just sign up to attend.

Ask Me Anything: EM Resident Panel | August 24, 2020

Panelists: Haig Aintablian, MD; Jennifer Rosenbaum, MD; MohammedMoiz Qureshi, MD MBA; Ryan DesCamp, MD MPH; and Jordan Vaughn, MD

Moderator: Lauren Lamparter

Join members of the AAEM/RSA board for an AMA session! Have burning questions about the Match, or how to impress the residents during virtual interviews? We're here to tackle them. This event is FREE! Just sign up to attend.



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