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November/December 2019

Regular Features

Who is in Control of Our Specialty? Hint: It’s not the President of ACEP or AAEM 

AAEM/RSA Editor's Message
Ways To Ace Residency - Adriana Coleska, MD

Resident Journal Review
Diagnosis and Treatment of Cellulitis in the Emergency Department - Authors: Taylor M. Douglas MD, Taylor Conrad, MD, Ted Segarra, MD, Rithvik Balakrishnan MD, Christianna Sim, MD, MPH - Editors: Kelly Maurelus MD FAAEM, Kami Hu MD FAAEM

Medical Student Council President's Message
Competitiveness in Emergency Medicine - David Fine

AAEM/RSA Diversity & Inclusion Committe
An Approach to Vulnerable Populations in Medical Education - Miriam Asher; Cortlyn Brown, MD; and Faith Quenzer, DO


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