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September/October 2019

Regular Features

AAEM/RSA President's Message
An Argument for the Enforcement of Electronic Health Record Cross-Communication - Haig Aintablian, MD

Harnessing EMRs for Good - Alexandria Gregory, MD

Resident Journal Review
Neurologic Complications of Correction for Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar State in the Emergency Department - Authors: Mark Sutherland, MD, Megan Donohue, MD, Caleb Chan, MD, Robert Brown, MD - Editors: Kami M. Hu, MD FAAEM and Kelly Maurelus, MD FAAEM

Medical Student Council President's Message
Thriving in Third Year - David Fine

AAEM/RSA Education Committee 
Becoming a Night Shift Jedi: Do or Do Not, There is No Try. - Patrick Wallace, DO

AAEM/RSA Wellness Committee
The Future of Wellness - Andrea Purpura, MD, Robert Lam, MD, and Ryan DesCamp, MD


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