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Representative Council

The RSA Representative Council is a great opportunity to become involved with AAEM/RSA. Members of the council will assist RSA in increasing our outreach to EM residency programs and medical schools to better serve our members.

We are actively recruiting a RSA resident member from each EM residency program and a RSA student member from each medical school to serve as a champion of RSA to their program. The RSA Representative Council will be tasked with the below duties as well as initiatives set by the RSA board.


  • Gain valuable experience in networking with residents and students from around the country 
  • Be a leader at your residency or medical school program and build your CV 
  • Meet with fellow council members in-person at the AAEM Annual Scientific Assembly 
  • Have the opportunity to plan events at your program 


Apply Today

Once your application has been confirmed, you will receive notification. 



  1. Assisting in scheduling a residency visit from a national AAEM officer.

  2. Providing educational materials to residents and students in your programs.

  3. Informing residents and students of upcoming national and regional AAEM events.

  4. Providing contact information of your co-residents and students who wish to be placed on AAEM's mailing list and a specific chief resident and EMIG contact.

  5. Communicating with AAEM/RSA about how we can help you or your fellow residents and students.

  6. Students will coordinate activities with medical school EM interest group leaders.

  7. Designating a resident and student who will take your place as the RSA Representative when you will graduate or decide to transfer your position to a junior resident or student.


2020 In-Person Meeting

An in-person meeting of the RSA Representative Council will be held at the 26th Annual Scientific Assembly in Phoenix, AZ, April 19-23, 2020; however, travel expenses will not be reimbursed. If you have any questions, please contact