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Joint Statement Regarding the 2021-2022 Emergency Medicine Residency Application Cycle

AAEM/RSA and AAEM signed on to a joint consensus statement regarding the 2021-2022 emergency medicine residency application cycle.

Consensus Statement on the 2021-2022 Emergency Medicine Residency Application Cycle Part I: Emergency Medicine Rotations and Letters

On January 25, 2021, the Coalition for Physician Accountability (CoPA) released guidelines regarding away rotations for students participating in the upcoming residency application cycle in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The primary recommendations were:

  1. No away rotations before 8/1/2021, except for students with a specialty interest they are unable to pursue at their home institutions
  2. Tentative resumption of away rotations after 8/1/2021, with a limit of one such rotation per student

As a field that relies heavily on away rotations, Emergency Medicine (EM) is uniquely affected by these recommendations. The purpose of this statement is to affirm conceptual support for the CoPA guidelines, and to describe the specifics of how they should be operationalized in EM to optimize equity and consistency in the residency application process. An additional intent is to recognize these rotations as valuable finite resources and assure they are available to the majority of applicants. In light of the continually changing landscape of the pandemic, this statement will be re-evaluated as new information becomes available, and will be revised if needed in May 2021. These guidelines apply to the Main Residency Match and do not apply to students who have a contractual obligation to the military or are applying to the military match.

Read the full statement. 


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