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100% Residency Program Membership


Engage your residents with academic & career planning benefits - AAEM/RSA offers multiple opportunities for involvement and outstanding benefits.

By signing up 100% of your residents with AAEM/RSA:


Sign-Up Today!

Contact our staff to complete the process. Contact or call 800-884-2236.


How it Works

  1. Complete the online form or submit an Excel list of resident information to to include: name, address, phone, email, designation (MD or DO) and year of completion. Click here to view a sample list.
  2. We will invoice you within 2 business days for the memberships via email or mail.
  3. You submit payment (along with the invoice) either by check or credit card and the memberships are processed.

Resident memberships are valid from date of joining to June 30 or longer if a multi-year option is chosen. Check out our prices below:

1 year - good through June 30, 2020 - $55 per Resident (instead of $60)
2 years - good through June 30, 2021 - $90 per Resident (instead of $100)
3 years - good through June 30, 2022 - $135 per Resident (instead of $150)
4 years - good through June 30, 2023 - $180 per Resident (instead of $200)
5 years - good through June 30, 2024 - $225 per Resident (instead of $250)


AAEM/RSA 2018-2019 100% Residency Programs

The following residency programs have registered all of their residents as AAEM/RSA members for the 2018-2019 year. We sincerely appreciate the enthusiastic support of these physicians and their programs.