Novel Job Demands: Freestanding EDs, Telemedicine, Supervision of APPs, and Coverage of Inpatient Units


AAEM/RSA Podcast

These miscellaneous episodes involve leaders from emergency medicine speaking with residents and students to share their knowledge on a variety of topics that are not within another AAEM/RSA Podcast Series.

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In this episode, Joshua Elliott Novy, MS, and Robert McNamara, MD MAAEM FAAEM, discuss novel job demands: freestanding EDs, telemedicine, supervision of NPPs, and coverage of inpatient units. Mr. Novy is a student at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and the Vice President of the RSA Medical Student Council. Dr. McNamara is Chairman at Temple University, and a past president and founding member of AAEM.

Click here for an updated position statement on NPPs (released 2/5/2019).