FIX Scholarship Winner – Valerie Pierre

Name: Valerie Pierre, MD
Residency Program: Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
Graduation Date: June 2021

This photo highlights the importance of mentorship – an integral aspect of my journey in emergency medicine. As I reflect on my matriculation into emergency medicine residency, and the successes, triumphs and failures during my training, I can truly say that my mentors’ support has been a source of encouragement for me. More specifically, I have been fortunate to have strong female mentors who came before me. They continually share their wisdom and experience gained in overcoming the many barriers throughout their journeys in emergency medicine and encourage me to persevere in a primarily male-dominated field. This knowledge that my story is not unique serves as daily inspiration for me.

This photo shows one of my mentors guiding me through a procedure for a critically ill patient. As an intern at that time, I was very nervous and still learning the basics of resuscitation in crash and trauma. Having a mentor stand beside me during this intense time, especially someone who I identify with on a personal and professional level, is something that is not lost on me. As a woman, especially a woman of color, there are very few of us in emergency medicine. The ability to have trailblazers by my side to support and educate me, serves as motivation that I too, can become a leader and innovator in the field, and have a positive impact on the next generation of emergency medicine physicians.