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Committee members staff three sub-committees, focusing on patient advocacy, resident advocacy and political advocacy both at the state and national levels. Your activities include developing policy statements, outreaching to AAEM/RSA members about critical issues in emergency medicine, and collaborating with the AAEM Government Affairs Committee.

Interested in getting involved with any of the events or activities below? Join the AAEM/RSA Advocacy Committee!


Jump to resources created by your Advocacy Committee for more information on each topic.

Advocacy Videos Congressional Elective Advocacy Podcasts
Contract Negotiation Prudent Layperson Standard Lay Corps Running Residencies
Gun Violence Human Trafficking  


Advocacy Videos

Due Process

Board Certified Physician

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Congressional Elective

The AAEM/RSA Elective is a one month elective for AAEM and AAEM/RSA members interested in medical policy and advocacy. The elective will provide a solid understanding of legislative and policy process, which will serve to equip the elective candidate with legislative and policy work and help to empower the emergency medicine profession. Learn more and apply.

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Podcast Episodes

The AAEM/RSA committee contributed to the RSA Podcast series by providing educational podcasts on the advocacy efforts of RSA.

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Contract Negotiation

Read this one-pager on what residents should look for when negotiating their first contract.

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Prudent Layperson Standard

Read more about why it's important to understand what is happening with the Prudent Layperson (PLP) Standard right now.

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Lay Corporations Running Residency Programs

Learn more about lay corporations running residency programs and what residents should be aware of.

Medical Students: Download suggested questions to ask during your interviews with residencies.

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Gun Violence

On November 7th, the NRA sent out a tweet that would shock the medical community. The tweet, in response to a recent article in the Annals of Internal Medicine, blasted physicians for being “anti-gun” and chastised them to “stay in their lane.” RSA is a partner with AFFIRM because #thisisourlane.

Read the full article on gun violence here.

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Human Trafficking

As one of the primary contact persons for their healthcare, it is vitally important for emergency medicine physicians to identify those at a high risk for trafficking and understanding the appropriate steps to take to intervene. Read the full article on human trafficking here.

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