Interview Trailblazing: Resources for Residency Applicants

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Image Credit: Pexels

Author: Jessica Fujimoto MD
Emergency Medicine Chief Resident
Temple University Hospital AAEM/RSA Vice President

Ah, peak residency interview season. You’re getting tired from all of your travels. You’ve forgotten the components of the PERC rule, but can rattle off your hobbies and interests like nobody’s business. Oh yeah, and your suit is starting to get a bit snug from all the free food and drinks.

Ok fine, maybe that last part was just me…

Now that I am seated on the other side of the table, a Chief Resident interviewing residency applicants, I am reminded again of how exhausting this time can be. Looking back on my interview season, I remember that a lot of my stress came from uncertainty about the match and about the interview process itself. Already, I’ve had many applicants ask me: “What do you wish you knew when you were applying?” and “What were you looking for in a residency program?”

To help alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty of this process, I compiled a list of resources that can be used as quick references during your travels:

  1. How to Match in EM– podcast with tips for interview day, traveling, evaluating programs, and post-interview etiquette. Start at 9:30.
  2. Preparing for your Interview– podcast discussing interview etiquette and tips from the business world. Start at 5:20.
  3. How to Ace Your Interview– what to look for on interview day.
  4. Top 10 Ways to Ace the Interview– more interview day tips.
  5. Who manages this residency program? Here are some questions that you can ask to make sure the residency program is being managed by physicians.
  6. Why is this important? See the AAEM/RSA position statement on Lay Corporations Running Residency Programs.
  7. EM Select– AAEM/RSA member resource to track your interviews, compare programs, and take notes on interview day.
  8. Elements to Consider When Making your Rank List– reflect on your interview day.
  9. Finally, lessons learned on the interview trail, written by former AAEM/RSA Medical Student Council President.

Take a deep breath. You’re almost at the finish line! I’ll see you on the other side.