AAEM/RSA President’s Message to Residents and Students: COVID-19

Dear Emergency Medicine Residents and Students,

We have reached a critical time in modern medicine with the pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Today, I wanted to take a minute to remind you just how important you are in this fight against COVID-19.

Over the coming days and weeks, your efforts will be critical in helping to manage large numbers of critically ill patients and to help stifle the spread of this deadly virus. As emergency medicine residents and medical students you are the front-line, at all times. You are the engine of the emergency department — arguably the most essential department for containing and treating this virus. Every single patient you see, every treatment you administer, every intubation you perform, is one further step in gaining control against COVID-19.

With that said, in many cities across the U.S., this is going to be a difficult battle. Many hospital systems may become overburdened with critically ill patients, emergency departments may be boarding high numbers of sick patients, and it is possible that some of the residents and medical students around you will become infected with novel coronavirus as a result of patient care.

As you continue your selfless work in the emergency department, know that your safety and wellness during this highly stressful time is paramount. When dealing with sick patients, protect yourself appropriately. Minimize your risk of bringing COVID-19 home with you to your family. If you feel sick, activate your program’s jeopardy system and self-quarantine under the discretion of your program leadership. If you become overwhelmed, stop and take a moment to breathe. And if you need more relief allow us to help. We are here for you.

Our organization is available for you at all times during the day and night to offer you inspiration and support. Should you need anything during this stressful time, AAEM/RSA is here to help you.

You are so vital to this fight against coronavirus, and I wanted to make sure you knew that directly.

Should you ever need anything from me you can email me directly at all times: president@aaemrsa.org.


Haig Aintablian, MD
President, AAEM/RSA

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