Ohio HB177 Would Authorize Independent Practice of Non-Physician Providers: Make Your Voice Heard!

The Ohio House of Representatives is currently in session and the vote on HB177 is extremely close. HB177 seeks to authorize independent practice of non-physician providers after 2,000 hours of clinical training (a paltry sum in comparison to the minimum 15,000 hours required for physicians). During the latest hearing on 11/19/19 (see notes here by clicking on 11/19/19), the Health Committee heard compelling arguments from both opponents and proponents. According to the Ohio State Medical Association, the vote is extremely close.

Now is the time for constituents to make their voices heard. The most effective way to do so is with a  personal message and/or story. If you are pressed for time, you can refer to AAEM’s updated position statement regarding NPs practicing without supervision or our infographic. Please keep in mind that many of our legislators have very little understanding of the vast training differences between MD/DO and non-physician providers such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Another quick resource is the issue brief  from The Primary Care Coalition, which further illustrates the vast training gaps present between physicians and non-physicians. 

AAEM and AAEM/RSA wholeheartedly support physician-led teams and believe that unsupervised practice by non-physician providers is a detriment to patient safety. Please take a moment to make your voice heard. The Ohio HOR Health Committee will be hearing further arguments regarding HB177. Individual Health Committee representative contact info can be found here.

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