AAEM/RSA Advocacy and Diversity & Inclusion Committees’ Statement on the Death of George Floyd

We, the members of AAEM/RSA Advocacy and Diversity & Inclusion Committees’, would like to address the recent murders of African Americans by police officers and armed vigilantes in our country. These murders are the physical manifestation of institutional and societal racism that has subjugated the African American community for centuries. Even though targeted violence against Black men and women only intermittently reaches news headlines, the ideas that engender that violence persist and are oftentimes expressed in insidious ways. We understand these past few weeks have been difficult for all, but we must devote the emotional energy that has been released by our distress to addressing the racism in our country, in all of its forms.

As such, the Advocacy and Diversity & Inclusion Committees’ have included a list of actionable items below. These items are merely starting points for us to effect true change in our personal lives and the communities in which we reside.

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