Board Certification

AAEM/RSA advocates for the necessity of ABEM/AOBEM board certification for physicians practicing emergency medicine, as studies have shown that physicians having these credentials improve emergency department quality of care.1

AAEM/RSA believes that ABEM/AOBEM board certified emergency medicine specialists should champion organizations representing the specialty, as they are best suited to represent and reflect our values.

AAEM/RSA recognizes that specialists certified by ABEM/AOBEM have completed optimal training to practice in the nation’s emergency departments. As such, AAEM/RSA endorses ABEM/AOBEM board certification as the quintessential requirement for emergency medicine physicians.

[1] McNamara RM, Kelly JJ. Impact of an Emergency Medicine Residency Program on th eQuality of Care in an Urban Community Hospital Emergency Department. Ann Emerg MedMay 1992;21:528-533.

Approved April 9, 2018