California NP Independent Practice Bill (AB890) Tabled

The recently introduced California Bill AB 890, destined to provide nurse practitioners with independent practice rights without physician oversight, has been tabled! 

We appreciate the effort you have had in this process by supporting AAEM/RSA. While we know that the NP lobby may have future plans to pursue further legislation to push for independent practice, we will be keeping a close watch on the process and alerting you if we need your help. We will always continue to hold our stance that the physician-led medical team model is the only model that is best for our patients. 

At the end of the day, your training matters, your degree matters, and your hard work matters. Not only for you, but for the wellness of your patients. We appreciate that you are a member of AAEM/RSA, and I want to promise you that we will keep fighting the good fight for our specialty, our members, and most importantly our patients.