Concern for Graduating EM Residents and the Current Job Market

The American Academy of Emergency Medicine Resident and Student Association (AAEM/RSA) is gravely concerned that graduating resident physicians are having significant difficulty in finding adequate jobs due to the current job market.

We believe that COVID has unearthed a very concerning combination of issues including:

  • Dramatic overproduction of residents by Contract Management Group (CMG) run residencies.
  • The inappropriate overuse of NPs and PAs practicing beyond their training in roles that should be filled by highly trained board certified emergency physicians.
  • The significant conflict of influence of CMGs in our specialty societies, which prohibits physicians from advocating for themselves on these topics.

AAEM/RSA is fearful that this dramatic decline in job opportunities will result in increased medical student caution and avoidance in choosing emergency medicine as a specialty and will ultimately result in under-filling of residency spots in the 2022 Match. We advise all senior residents to vocalize their concerns to their specialty societies and advise their programs to do the same.

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Approved: 1/27/2021